Bill Gates is investing $2 billion in renewable technology over the next five years, according to an interview with The Financial Times. “Cleantech” companies and startups are on the rise with investors looking for the next big thing in green technology. But you don’t need to wait for the technology sector to catch up and produce more green gadgets. From lowering your carbon footprint to monitoring your energy use, here are some of the best gadgets and apps on the market.


Find healthy, green and socially responsible products before heading out for a day of shopping. Based on scientific ratings, the GoodGuide app lists over 250,000 products in its database. Load up the free app on your iPhone 6s and get to work. Check out product scores for ingredients, environmental impact and how the company effects society. For example, the product’s score is partially affected by how the company treats its workers and its safety record. If you’re already out at the store, scan the product’s barcode with your GoodGuide app to check its score in real time.


Reduce your energy costs and keep track of your home’s electricity consumption with Neurio. Twenty percent of most home’s electric bill is taken up by water usage. Simplyconnect Neurio with your smartphone to start monitoring your home’s energy with real-time usage and bill forecasting. It also provides energy-saving tips and sees what type of energy your appliances are using. With all of that data in one place, you can make more informed decisions about which appliances and gadgets to get rid of and which to replace with greener options.

5 Best Gadgets for Monitoring Your Energy Use


Wally works similarly to Neurio, but it senses when you have a water leak or there are changes in humidity and temperature. Set up sensors in strategic places around your home, such as under sinks and near plumbing, to get important alerts and information about what’s going on. Wally’s hubs communicate with each other and send you an alert with detailed information, so you know where to find it and how to address it before it’s too late.


Connect Smappee to your fuse boxwith an easy-to-use clip on sensor and monitor your home’s energy consumption. Smappee detects your electrical appliances and shows you their costs and real-time readings right from your smartphone or tablet. Smappee also enables you to remotely control your home from your smartphone by using its Comfort Plugs. This way you can turn your gadgets and appliances on and off to save even more.


Oroeco does more than monitor your carbon footprint and give helpful suggestions. Instead, it tackles the negative impact of your consumer behavior, from the food you eat to the transportation you take. Oroeco shows you how to reduce your impact and reduces pollution, all while saving you money.

The app also lets you collaborate with friends and neighbors to see how much you can reduce your negative imprint on the environment. Every time you refer a friend to the app, you’re entered to win a Nest smart thermostat to help control the climate of your home and reduce energy waste.