Food-Grade Hair Care Has Arrived: ELÄVÄ Botanik

ELÄVÄ Botanik offers the only products in the world made with 100% natural, certified-organic fruit pulp. Each bottle of luxurious shampoo and conditioner is marked with a “Fresh Until” date, just like produce purchased at the grocery. “We’re proud of the fact that our products are perishable because this reflects our guarantee that they are made with only fresh, ripe, organic foods—It’s real food for truly beautiful hair,” says Julian Huxley, a natural hair stylist who’s devoted the past 8 years to personally developing the line.

ELÄVÄ (Finnish for “living”) ingredients demonstrate the highest standards of purity—non-allergic and completely non-toxic, using no parabens, chlorides, petrochemicals, sulfates, glutens, plasticizers, silicones, or synthetic fragrances.

What further sets the ELÄVÄ Botanik hair-nutritive products apart is the use of whole, organic food, rather than botanical extracts, which are typical in even the best, high-end natural hair care products. The use of whole, natural, organic fruit pulp allows for a degree of natural absorption and interaction of nutrients with the hair not possible with other synthetic or even natural, extract-based products. The fruit’s probiotic microbials (health-promoting bacteria), for example, naturally add structure and shine—making the hair truly stronger.

“Our bodies are made to recognize, absorb, and utilize plant-based whole foods,” says Huxley. Just as the health-conscious consumer is recognizing that whole-food sourced multi-vitamins work better than synthetic vitamin supplements, the hair and scalp are no different—Whole food hair care makes hair look, function and grow better.

As a global backpack trekker, Huxley has visited some of the most remote tribes in the world, studying what was used in agrarian tribal cultures for beauty. He discovered the answers were surprisingly simple:  Fruits, barks, tree oils, and ash were the common substrates. Huxley has honed the ELÄVÄ products, in his own kitchen for 8 years, based on this inspiring experience.

Huxley discovered that not only does this pure approach to hair care protect the planet and our bodies from toxic chemicals, but these whole-food ingredients actually make the hair look it’s most beautiful. While developing these conscientious products and working as a natural, organic colorist and stylist in top salons around the globe, Huxley’s work with whole-food, handmade “hair smoothies” caught the attention of a number of newsrooms and magazines. Huxley’s organic hair smoothies have been featured on CBS and Better TV, and in Lucky magazine, Atlanta’s Sunday Paper, Atlanta Salon and Spa, and more. With the new line of ELÄVÄ Botanik products, Huxley has now made this natural, whole-food approach available internationally—no blender required.

What started as a quest to reduce the role of harmful chemicals in our lives and reduce “body pollution” along with environmental pollution, has resulted in a product line that truly nourishes the hair and scalp—Real Food For Beautiful Hair has been bottled.

ELÄVÄ Botanik hair care facts:

·      Packaging incorporates the highest recyclable content from reusable sources with minimum environmental impact, and the lowest possible carbon footprint.

·      By using 100% natural essential plant oils, products are shelf-stable for up to 10 months, yet remain free of synthetic preservatives.

·      Contains only 100% whole fruit and herb pulps grown on certified organic farms that are hand picked. This delivers the full benefits of the herbal ingredients.

·      Testing within a salon environment for over a four year period showed (through observational data) that ELÄVÄ products:

o      Inhibited UVA oxidation on colored hair, which increased the longevity of the color treatment and created a healthier shine.

o      Promoted hair growth and cell renewal.

o      Added body and smoothed hair by creating moisture where needed.

o      Improved hair strength and structure.

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