Energy storage. This be so cool. Solar with Energy storage, Panasonic energy storage systemsSustainable Energy continues to gain momentum. But is it poised to overtake carbon energy in the years ahead? The answer may lie in adopting disruptive technologies such as solar with energy storage.

From my perspective, Panasonic stands ready with Sustainable Energy solutions. They will help companies move forward. For starters, they focus on solving the “affordable energy storage” challenge. With billion-dollar investments in the Gigafactory,  Panasonic is doubling worldwide production of lithium-ion batteries. Yes folks, in a single facility. Best part is they can scale up as much as anything to drive savings. As one other colleague of mine working with Panasonic mentioned, through supply chain upgrades, Panasonic USA will continue to invest to do scale. These are wonderful announcements for Solar with energy storage, solar power alone and electric cars combined!

Energy storage from Panasonic

Energy storage: a transformative technology
Why? Today, solar and wind energy are time-sensitive assets. By capturing excess energy at peak times with affordable storage can make energy available any time. Yes folks, regardless of when it generated. Decision makers recognize this technology and see the “cost savings” light! Why? Saving money is always the best reason to invest in something for a CFO or homeowner!

As before mentioned, 40% of energy in the U.S. gets consumed by residential and commercial buildings. That’s why Hybrid Solar Wind Energy Storage Market is to reach USD 1.5 Billion by 2024. A lot of homeowners will probably go the solar with Energy storage approach overtime. Yet, wait! That’s so much money!! So much! Also, Government mandates are pushing clean energy systems on primarily across commercial buildings.



That’s the combination will drive the hybrid solar wind energy storage market growth. I mean heck, these companies have to go solar, then Energy storage for net zero.Yet what’s upsetting is lack of experience is holding industries back. That’s just wrong.

As I wrote before:

“The quest to find an energy-storage solution that could be manufactured and used on a mass scale is the Holy Grail of solar now. And the company that finds an adequate technology that can be easily replicated will be the one to lead the next step in the solar revolution.”

That’s important. Almost essential because when you’re introducing entirely new experiences. Chances are you need to combine these technologies. I mean off the grid for 10 days in my house of everything powered up plus the Solar recharging the battery banks!! That’s all into an integrated solution.

Energy Storage is a serious and leading disruptive technology

So moving to renewable energy and to store your power in a battery Bank big! Then you can store your renewable Energy to when needed. Furthermore, I’m still confused why only half of the companies in their study have invested in renewable energy. These technologies combined is so essential. Let’s not forget though about the GTM Research said out of the 4,400 battery-storage systems installed during 2016 most were off-grid. That’s 86 percent of projects off -grid. In 2017, however, that balance reversed.

Energy Producers aka utilities are bracing for greater demand!

So again 45-49 percent of energy generated going forward will Be energy storage.

So Big!

Expertise needed for Solar with Energy storage

Finally, if people or companies are speaking out that they don’t have qualified staff. That’s ok. That’s why the Green Living Guy is here!! Give me a Call. Lol.

Now that’s a reason that could drive multi-year growth!

Panasonic is ready with their Sustainable Energy solutions. They help companies move the ball forward. Panasonic is one of the few industry leaders with a REAL ability across the spectrum of green Renewable tech because solar plus energy storage is no joke!

They are here to scale any company up.


That alone my friends, will be a key to success. Scalability is what makes Panasonic stand out. Plus their access to capital to drive supply chains and reduce operating costs. That’s when the tipping point occurs. When everyone can afford to change their energy consumption.

You want more info on green energy. Need to learn about Panasonic capabilities and perspectives?? Check out Panasonic Sustainable Energy solutions.

This research is a sponsored by Panasonic Corporation of North America. IT and fielded in the U.S. and Canada. The survey included 200 CTOs and other senior technology decision makers. This was across organizations with at least 200 employees.

Source: Dan Silver, Vice President, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America

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