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Holy Tesla Model 3 electric car!

Firstly and according to my buddies at,the Tesla Model 3 will have two fast charging ports for accessibility bro!

Furthermore, this came from Drew Bennet. It seems Drew is responsible for Tesla’s global charging infrastructure. So stayed it was revealed the news in an interview with Auto Express.

V3 Supercharger

As I’ve written before and as the Verge reports: Tesla unveiled the first V3 Supercharger at its Fremont, California factory just a few months ago. However, the company is already making progress on the first concentrated build out. I mean we are talking third generation fast-charging stations.

That’s because 26 of the 46 charging stations currently being built along the transcontinental Trans-Canada Highway. They are V3 chargers, Tesla told The Verge.

All the while Car and Driver adds that Tesla tweeted that it will offer free unlimited Supercharging credits for new Model S and Model X buyers. The company had previously offered free unlimited supercharging a few years ago, then reduced that number to 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity credits each year for Model S and Model X orders; that policy ended for orders placed after November 2, 2018.


A Tesla spokesperson has now also confirmed the report to when they go on sale in Europe in early 2019.

Tesla’s model 3 will come with a CCS port. Owners of the Tesla’s European Model 3 will not only be able to use Tesla’s own Supercharger and Destination networks, but also third-party networks. This will allow owners the additional use of the rapidly growing Ionity charging network, or 50 kW multi-chargers.

Of course, this is not the end of the Superchargers, Bennett said, “We will continue to invest in our own network.” And added, “But we will give our owners access to the CCS networks that are beginning to grow in Europe.” This move will significantly improve the outlook for drivers. Bennett pointed out that everyone benefits from promoting sustainable transport. As well as that Tesla is doing its part in that sense. Therefore and in fact, with CCS ports. Cause the practicality of Model 3 increases significantly. It will become much more attractive for users. Again cause with this vast increase in access to fast loading facilities along motorways and in cities.

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