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Here is some things being said about the book Green Lighting.

Going all the way back through history, chandeliers were the main lighting source in the home. Also and usually the only light source for a room. Chandeliers were often constructed of wood in the shape of a simple cross. Then with nails to hold the candles. Wouldn’t it be important to add green lighting in this fixture?

More elaborate chandeliers befitting the wealthy, made of metal and lit by many candles, could only be found in the manor houses of the wealthy.

Green Lighting the book seems to get a lot of play from many different people but just understand..I got the book on Green Lighting.. LOL

Outdoor green LED Lighting

Anyway, a reader named Brass Light Chandelier gets it to and they write:

And thanks to the book Green Lighting, by Brian Clark Howard, Seth Leitman, and William Brinsky. Cause now it’s costing me less and it’s easier on Mother Earth than ever before. I’m a huge fan of do-it-yourself projects. However most DIY books devote, at most, a chapter. Yes one chapter to lighting and barely a word to eco-friendly lighting options. This book about mostly Green LED Lighting provides easy to follow instructions. It contains a mega-wattage of supporting materials and additional resources. Well researched and organized. Cause this Green Energy efficient Lighting helps readers understand. Understand not just how to incorporate eco lighting into their lives, but why it makes so much environmental and economic sense to do so. This book will pay for itself over and over again, every month when you get your incredible shrinking electrical bill. Unless you’re Amish, you need to read this book today.

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