There are almost 2 million residential pools and another 50,000 commercial pools in California alone!!!

Furthermore, approximately one out of every 10 Golden State residences has a spa or hot tub (over a million in total).% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

As well, it takes a LOT of energy to run the pumps. Not to mention the filtration systems and heaters that make them clean and comfortable.
% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

So California has standards that will help consumers save money on their utility bills. However and more importantly what happens in California! Well it could become the de facto standard nationwide. Yes for energy efficiency standards for pools. Why? Since one of every eight consumers resides in the Golden State.

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

This was an edition of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) series “California is Setting the Standards: A Continuing Series on the California Energy Commission Process” about the consideration of energy efficiency standards for pools and 15 separate products that could have nationwide impact is available at