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Those who’ve taken an extended road trip know the feeling of freedom you get. One that comes with navigating interstate routes. It’s the reason why millions of individuals kick off summer by taking a road trip with friends or family.

However, this cultural tradition is changing — and for the better.

More drivers than ever before are coming to the realization that the internal combustion engine isn’t doing it. Electric helps the environment and does many favors. Transportation accounts for around 30% of US greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, passenger vehicles. All which account for 60% of those emissionsAlso, medium-heavy-duty trucks account for a further 23%. So, when it comes to reducing carbon pollution, vehicles are a prime target. These numbers could be significantly reduced by transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs). 

Electric Vehicles have Been Around

Electric vehicles are not a new concept — dating back to the first small scale electric car in 1830, but we have Elon Musk to thank for electric vehicles going mainstream. Every day it seems like more Teslas, Chevy Bolts and Hyundai Kona’s are popping up on our roads. Even Audi and BMW are pushing the evolution of electric cars by offering affordable models.

So, with the growing popularity of EVs and a deep knowledge road trips, CarRentals put together this guide that details four cross-country road trips mapped out specifically for electric vehicles. Reduce EV range anxiety on long road trips by referencing important anchor stops along the way, complete with different types of charging stations and connector options.

The future of the great American road trip is electric!

Thank you to CarRentals for this graphic.

electric vehicle road trips

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