Can you say Mini car is fun!

Mini Car an auto, motor und sport?!

This was a fun car to drive back in 2014 and 2016. Besides the fact it was a mild hybrid. However, I thought it can’t wait for a hybrid. Or even plugin hybrid and an all electric version to be offered.

Surprisingly, though all MINI Hardtop’s have 3 driving modes. That’s with a simple dial or switch from comfort to green to sport.

Mini Mild Hybrid

Yet, this MINI is a mild hybrid electric car. So for greener driving, simply switch into the Green Mode. This is like the auto in auto, motor und sport. Yet Bottom line: the smart shifting, regenerative braking and an awesomely cool coasting feature. Especially when your foot’s off the gas, making this car easily get over 45-48 MPG. Even longer trips it’s plausible to get 50 MPG at 50-55 miles per hour!

Want Green Mode in a Mini? Dial it up!

Mini created an amazing “Green Mode” to help the mild-hybrid electric car capture regenerative braking (as you see a battery charging in the visual display for driving). This mild hybrid grabs every last bit of engine efficiency, kinetic energy and regenerative braking charged to the battery. See: More on the technology from Minimini cooper

Then in Munich recently, the MINI anniversary year has started with a title win. Cause MINI is among the winners in this year’s “Best Cars 2019” competition. The class victory in the readers’ vote held by car magazine “auto, motor und sport” once again demonstrates the high level of popularity still enjoyed by the original in the premium small car segment in its 60th year. With characteristic driving fun, clever use of space and individual style, the current model generation embodies the authentic values of the brand – familiar worldwide ever since the classic Mini – in their most contemporary form.

The readers’ vote organised by “auto, motor und sport” magazine is one of the longest-standing public surveys in the automotive sector, having been carried out this year for the 43rd time. From a total of 385 models, participants voted for their favourites in eleven vehicle classes. In doing so they chose the “Best Cars 2019”, both overall and in the import category. The winners of the latest vote received their awards today at a festive prize-giving ceremony held at the International Congress Center Stuttgart (ICS).


In conclusion, MINI won the title in the import category of its class. Attracting 30.1 per cent of the votes cast, the success-crowned British model secured a clear lead within its vehicle class. In fact the current winner was even able to improve on the excellent results achieved by MINI in previous years. Ever since the relaunch of the brand in 2001, MINI has maintained a regular presence among the winners of the “auto, motor und sport” reader survey. It was initially the serial winner in the import category of the “Mini Cars” class. Also and since 2015 it has now won the title in the “Small Cars” category. That’s most noteworthy, five times in succession.

Entertainment System

Finally, the entertainment system in the MINI Hardtop, MINI Hardtop 4 Door and MINI Convertible now includes touchscreen functionality for the central instrument display. MINI Connected’s new digital services include MINI Online service with up-to-date news and weather reports.


In conclusion, it’s also includes Intelligent Distress Call and MINI Teleservices. As well as Remote Services, Concierge Service and Real Time Traffic. Finally Information and Apple CarPlay are now available.

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