The Launch of Blue Prosperity Coalition with National Geographic Continues Momentum To Protect 30 Percent of the Planet by 2030.

Written by Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence. He is also founder of Pristine Seas and Director of the Last Wild Places Initiative.

For the last ten years, the

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Coral in Portugal’s Azores archipelago, where the regional government committed to the protection of 150,000 sq km of the Azorean sea in marine protected areas. Photo by Manu San Felix.

The work is part of the National Geographic Society’s broader vision. A vision to protect the natural wonders of life on Earth. Also and move us toward a planet in balance. In order to achieve this goal, they’ve joined with the Wyss Foundation to develop a global effort.

A key step toward achieving this goal is working with governments, experts, and other conservation organizations like the Blue Prosperity Coalition. All to support the creation of protected areas in the ocean. That’s why they are proud to partner with the Waitt Foundation and the Blue Prosperity Coalition. This is to ensure that the ocean’s last wild places are protected in the long term.

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