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Solar Power For Your Home

On my site The Green Living Guy, I introduced my readers to the newest additional of books to the Green Guides  series. Solar Power For Your Hone is one of them. For I helped produce with McGraw Hill.  This book also adds to the purposes of green living. 
Solar Power For Your Home

First of all, Solar Power For Your Home features a step-by-step instruction manual and useful photos and illustrations.

This hands-on guide is filled with solar energy, green living solutions you can put to use right away.  As the book starts of stating, solar power did not just come into our history during the 1970’s. You know when Jimmy Carter installed solar panels at the White House.

Solar Energy World Brings Sustainability to Soccer
Solar Energy World Brings Sustainability to Soccer

Solar Power

Most importantly, solar power has been around since the beginning of time (give or take a few billion years).

Bottom line, solar power is responsible for all existence here on Earth!

That is why Solar Power for Your Home shows you how to set up a variety of simple, money-saving solar projects quickly and easily. For example a really inexpensive solar project is a solar water heater or a solar pool pump. Also solar lighting and a solar oven. However I want to see and will more: for it’s the ever more popular solar-powered lawn mower!

Now I just got solar too. Yes folks and I added Tesla Powerwalls too. Two Powerwalls to be exact. So read up on that.


When it comes to the “power of the sun”, it is as incredible as it seems. Furthermore, the power inside of the sun that makes it glow is harnessed and used to “power” our homes and lifestyles. Now, the same sun that warms us from the inside out also has enough energy to power all of the lights, appliances, computers, and other gadgets in our world. So, why not harness the sun’s power and get into the solar energy business; especially if you work from home!

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