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In the buzz of the cities and confined spaces, where prices soar with each inch of land.

So you might be wondering whether there is any chance of adding eco-friendly home components to the already worsened situation. Today to afford a home with a spacious garden is only in the scope of billionaires or the ones who are lucky to have been property-fed by their ancestors. As much as technology has made aggravated the situations of nature, it has even benefited life and compensated for the same.

Today we are here to share with you a few hacks on how one can convert their eco-friendly homes, may it be a duplex or a single room, into an eco-friendly and trendy way. Before we move on to the hacks, why not understand the need for the same?

Were you enticed at the mere glance of a teak wood-furnished eco-friendly home? At the same time, did you ponder on how much it has deteriorated nature’s quality just to give a regal look to your home? Eco-friendly home components are nothing but ones that ensure low carbon footprints release, and harness energy from renewable energy sources to their optimum level.

Here are a few tricks to engineer a home that is not just nature-friendly but will also give you high-quality vogue homes.

1] Don’t just paint your walls; design them.

In a world where greenery is confined to a few pots of your balcony and backyard, you have got a chance to use your walls too. Yeah! This is not any more dramatic.  Green walls are in vogue. Potted plants fitted onto the designed cracks of your home walls not only makes it nature-friendly but also gives it a good effect to revitalize your rooms.

2] Grow your roofs green

Have you ever thought of utilizing your roofs. I mean rather than just placing them on your head-top and cursing it during scorching heats? Here is a way to harness its broad flat surface. All to grow some veggies and flowers. This not only helps to keep your home cool. Yet it also combats growing pollution around your locality.

3] Encourage simplicity and not superiority to furnish your homes.

It is not that you should compromise your affordable-luxury at the cost nature-friendly homes.  However thinking before constructing can help well. Try to design your interiors with raw materials. All that are easily reachable on foot. That’s rather than spending on transport and, in turn, leading to increased carbon footprints.

This point seems to be too dramatic to digest, doesn’t it? Considering how badly and costly it can affect the environment. All the while trying to have some glorious time at your home. For it is something most people knowingly turn a blind eye.

But this can cost your life one day. Your health which is in need of oxygen is getting exposed to carbon daily is not a good sign for life sustenance.

4] Harness solar energy

This is the first and foremost thing that one should take into his viewpoint while planning to build concrete for himself. Site dimensions and space is a must to install solar panels. One can harness enormous benefits with this technique if successfully operated on either their rooftops or in an open space. Carbon release amounts can be considerably reduced with this alternative.

5] Say Goodbye to filament and CFL bulbs

Filament bulbs that not only increase your monthly electricity bills but also contribute to increasing carbon-footprints today can be easily replaced with LED lights and tube lights. Thanks to these inventions that are not only eco-friendly but also economical.

6] Grow your garden

We understand it is simple to say than to materialize it. Confined and skyrocketing prices of homes have limited your potential of reaping benefits from nature. But having a small garden of potted plants in your balcony be it a flower or veggie plantation can yield immense benefits. If you are lucky lads to own a big land use it to make greens than to use it for parking.

7] Get the site know-how’s

Before you plan to build ‘your’ home knowing its aspects is of prime importance. Is the land good enough to dig borewells? Can you set up a solar panel in later stages of home design plans? Will, your room be revived with sunlight or will your plans hinder its rays making your home a dull and lull place. All such small yet crucial dimensions should be taken into consideration while hoping for your green home.

The aforesaid points although are a bit fanciful to turn it into reality in today’s scenario, but in the long run, can reap many benefits not just for you but for your younger lives too. So stay focused and positive while stepping into your green home in the near future.

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