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Bloomberg report confirms full bankability as a result of and according to 100% of industry experts.

Trina Solar Limited, a leading total solutions provider for solar energy. It has received a top rating in the latest annual module bankability report. This report, published by Bloomberg NEF (BNEF). Trina Solar now the only module manufacturer to be rated as fully bankable three times in a row. All by 100% of industry experts participating in the BNEF survey.

When assessing the bankability of a PV manufacturer, banks focus on the financial health of the company. So the track-record of its modules in the field. As well as and the manufacturer’s warranties matter. That’s all according to survey participants.

For its survey, Bloomberg NEF reached out to banks, funds, EPCs, independent power providers (IPPs) and technical advisors worldwide. These experts represent an installed PV capacity of 29GW globally. BNEF also conducted a series of in-depth interviews with quality inspectors and technical advisors, complementing the survey.

Trina solar Bloomberg

The latest BNEF report also quotes the PV Module Reliability Scorecard. Published by DNV GL and again Trina Solar emerged as “Top Performer” among global module manufacturers for the fourth time since 2014. The scorecard is the most comprehensive comparison of PV module reliability test results publicly available on the market today. According to DNV GL, participating manufacturers are seeking third-party endorsement for their high-quality mindset.

Source: Trina Solar, 2018.09.13

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