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Gardening engages the body, stimulates the mind and uplifts the spirit!

I’m sure you’re already aware but gardening can provide mental health benefits, physical health benefits, financial benefits, as well as environmental benefits.

For example our trees are the lungs of Earth. The more trees, more lungs to suck up carbon. Less trees less things to suck up carbon and therefore lead to pollution and global warming. Now those emissions create altered manners as has been reported.

So as one story I caught from

From therapy and stress management classes to exercise (when I’m not too depressed to do so) and medications, I’ve been working at it for a long time.

Still, I realize every day that there’s something new I can try to improve my overall well-being and reduce my anxiety levels.

Enter gardening.

My anxiety brings on obsessive negative thought patterns, excessive worrying, and paralyzing panic attacks. Gardening delivers sustenance, beauty, and self-esteem — all counterpoints to my anxiety.

Cloud technology has even made great strides in recent years. However it hasn’t been too applicable to gardening until now. Taking the Edyn garden sensor and GreenIQ for example. Then gardeners can now track real-time environmental metrics. So such as soil moisture and cross-reference that would an online cloud database in order to make informed decisions on plant care. A similar story applies to devices like the Droplet. People who do their gardening outdoors can now get their hands on a device that would automate the watering process for them based on current and future weather patterns.

Environmental concerns is becoming a lot more prominent, and sustainable gardening (with the help of these devices) is just one of the many ways one can play a part in keeping earth a clean and healthy place.

This detailed guide covers all the benefits which gardening can provide for people, as well as the planet:

Benefits of Gardening Infographic

Courtesy of: JD Williams

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