From Gulf News in the Middle East reporting that places like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are too hot. Also, the heatwave is expected to continue well into the summer season.

Published:June 12, 2019 11:42

Sara Al Shurafa, Web Editor

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia reaching 154 degrees

Increasing respiratory disorders in the UAE are growing more common in hotter months. All because the body’s internal thermostat finds it difficult to regulate the drastic change in temperatures. So places like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are in trouble too. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News


UAE temperatures to hit 48 degrees Celsius in some areas

Dubai: A man died in Kuwait yesterday as the country reels from a heatwave. The man, who died because of a heatstroke, was found with his tools next to his body.

According to Al Rai daily, the police and ambulance raced when reports came in of the ill man. However  he was dead by the time they reached him. The forensic reports pointed to overexposure to the sun.

Expected temperature for Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the coming week.

Image Credit: Screengrab

Kuwait on Saturday recorded the highest temperatures in the world; reaching 52.2 degrees Celsius in the shadows and 63 degrees Celsius under direct sunlight, according to Al Qabas newspaper. In Saudi Arabia, the mercury rose to 55 degrees Celsius in Al Majmaah at noon.

TO BE CLEAR. THIS IS 154.4 degrees folks!!!!

In conclusion, the heatwave is expected to continue well into the summer season, which officially kicks off on June 21. Finally, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Weather website stated that the heatwave has also struck Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE, with the heat being accompanied by a high humidity rate.

Meteorologists in Kuwait have predicted a volatile summer this year, noting that temperatures could reach 68 degrees under the sun next month.

In Iraq the southern province of Maysan recorded a 55.6 degrees Celsius.

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