Electric Vehicle charging goes IKEA

Consequently and in total, four Blink® EV charging stations are installed. That’s at the Atlanta, Georgia store. So this is part of its partnership with Car Charging Group, Inc. and the Blink Network.

Blink is among the largest owner/operators of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. All surging in the United States. For example, once written that following the purchase of the JNS charging stations it went a new level. Because Blink Charging has more than 160 EV charging stations in Illinois alone!

Because the Blink Network of charging stations provides EV drivers the freedom to travel. Especially as they choose and conveniently charge. All at Blink commercial locations along the way. By becoming Blink Members, consumers may also yield even greater advantages of the Blink Network, such as local incentive programs, reservation systems, and enhanced Blink Network capabilities.

As a result, this EV charger adds to the largest provider of EV charging services. With more than 13,430 charging points in 35 states and three countries, Car Charging Group is serious about electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

This represents the 11th U.S. installation for IKEA, with installations at other locations. Blink owns, operates and sells electric vehicle charging stations. They also provide connectivity to the Blink Network. That Network is a cloud-based SaaS platform which operates, manages and monitors the Blink Charging stations. Can you say all associated meta data?! Blink offers convenient charging capability to all EV drivers. Anywhere means: wherever they live, work, play, or travel to, at strategic marquee locations across the U.S.

So in all, installation of units currently planned will bring the number of Blink charging stations available at IKEA locations to 55.

For the rest of the story visit IKEA and blinknetwork.com

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