The Behavioral Program staff at ACEEE is pleased to announce today’s publication of Trusted Partners: Everyday Energy Efficiency Across the South. We used a case study approach at sites in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana and talked with people in small towns and big cities, in their homes, on their farms, and about their businesses. Each interview included a core set of questions. All moreover about demographics. Also about basic energy use attitudes. This is for a general picture of energy consumption consequently in the South. During fieldwork, they collected about 60 hours of audio. All from formal interviews alone!

As I wrote before and back in 2015; The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that 70 manufacturing plants have achieved Energy Star certification. All for their superior energy performance in 2014.

Together, these manufacturing plants saved a record amount of energy. I mean cut their energy bills consequently by $725 million. Also they reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 8 million metric tons. That’s the equivalent therefore of the annual total energy use of more than 650,000 households.

Insulation in attic is the most energy efficient move out there.

So from implementing corporate energy management programs to implementing energy efficiency projects. It seems like there are many ways plants can save energy with EPA’s Energy Star program.

Energy Star manufacturing plants and energy efficiency across the South is growing

In addition, Energy Star certified plants are independently verified on an annual basis. All to consequently reach the top 25 percent of energy performance for their industries nationwide.

One of our over-arching questions was “Are end-users of energy in these states interested in energy efficiency?” The biggest take-away from this project is YES! Consumers of energy in the South are interested. They want as a result to practice energy efficiency. Because Southerners are also telling us what they need to advance energy efficiency. For that it is a neutral source of trustworthy information. All about what activities best suit their needs and specific contexts…

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Source: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy: ACEEE

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