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By Jennifer Smith / Even the most independently eco-friendly and energy-efficient folks out there could use a helping hand. Especially when it comes to ways to go green.  While you may think such assistance comes only in the form of a paid professional opinion, such is not the case.  The Internet has a plethora of free resources for a carbon footprint calculator that people can use to increase sustainability.

So free calculators are perhaps the most popular of such green living online resources. Resources of which the following five every guy needs to bookmark now!

Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint with calculator
Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Annual Carbon Emissions Estimator: Ever wonder where’s the best carbon footprint calculator? Stop and see how much CO2 you’re responsible for putting into the air every year?  While by no means exact, this handy calculator uses your energy usage habits. Similarly among other factors to decide how many pounds of carbon emissions you’re likely contributed to the atmosphere.

Home Energy Saver: Instead of telling you how much you’re costing the air we breathe, this calculator uses similar observations to tell you how much you could save. All by making some changes to your energy habits and home set up.  From a dimmer light setting to solar screens. Therefore you’ll be able to have an itemized list of ways you can cut energy consumption. That’s thanks to this free tool.

Commute Cost Calculator: Are you using the most cost-effective route to work?  With gas prices expected to shoot up this summer, no one can afford to frivolously burn through fuel.  Run several possible routes into this calculator. Then find the most efficient one for you.  It’s sure to save you money as well as lower your impact on the environment.

Fuel Costs Calculator: In addition to a changed commute, you may want to consider switching to a more fuel-efficient automobile if you can afford it this summer.  This fuel costs and comparison calculator provided by the Department of Energy can help you settle on the most cost-effective vehicle in your price range.

Carbon Footprint Calculator: What makes this carbon footprint calculator unique is that it hold nothing back when it comes to determining how much CO2 you’ll contribute to the atmosphere in the course of your lifetime.  It even factors dietary habits, an aspect of sustainability most people choose to ignore.

Considering how critical it is that more people take further steps to increase sustainability, nobody needs to be denying assistance in their efforts to lead more energy-efficient lifestyles.

This is especially the case when said assistance is free and available 24 hours a day online.  If you’re serious about sustainability, then make sure you put the five calculators to good use.

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