I have to give a big thank you and shout out to Eartheasy.com– “Solutions for Sustainable Living.”

They introduced me to the Luumi with a mission to ‘unplastic the world’. Their awesome reusable, pure platinum silicone bowls, bags, lids, and straws. Similarly, they replace some of the most common ocean polluters. Therefore and allow you to stop using single-use plastics. As a result, start living a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

The bag seen above is a multi-use bowl made of food-grade platinum silicone. As a bag, it stands upright and is easy to fill. As a bowl, it’s great for camping, travel, or just for a plastic-free lunch on the go. The airtight button over seal keeps food fresh and or clamp it down to put in your bag or make it watertight. Can also be used for storage, cooking, freezing, boil in the bag, sous vide and more! Available in red, teal, yellow, and clear.

So they are made of platinum silicone. That’s all with bowls, bags and clasps.

Luumi platinum silicone

These flexible non-stick reusable straws are easy to take anywhere and easy to clean! Just stretch, twist, and rinse them out. Unlike glass, plastic, or metal straws, there’s no risk of the straw breaking or chipping a tooth. Luumi straws can also be boiled for sanitation and are microwave and dishwasher safe. The 4 pack consists of one straw in each color: teal, red, clear and yellow.

Again Dishwasher safe

1. Freezer safe

2. Microwave safe

3. Oven safe to 400º F

4. Made from 100% pure platinum silicone

5. Safer than hard reusable straws

Let’s Unplastic the World:

The world produces over 300 million tons of plastic each year. Consequently, most of it is used once and then thrown away. This is a huge problem for us all. All because a disposable lifestyle isn’t a sustainable lifestyle. Luumi’s goal is to “unplastic the world” with their reusable products made of pure platinum silicone. Like glass, platinum silicone is made mostly of sand. It’s flexible, durable, and completely non-toxic. Unlike many silicone products, Luumi is filler-free, and contains no BPA, BPS, PVC, or Phthalates. Yes all chemicals you likewise don’t want near your food. Luumi is safe to put in your freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, and can be used over and over again. So therefore by replacing disposable plastics with Luumi, you can save the environment while saving money.

Thanks again team. Very cool products, like so so cool Earth Day bling! Likewise using the reusable straws daily. The bowls too!

In conclusion and finally, I was not paid for this post. I was Only given the products to review.

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