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Trenton, N.J. – On Earth Day we celebrate this beautiful place we call home by doing our part to be “green” and protect our fragile planet.  Many group Earth Day events like tree plantings or beach sweeps may be on hold for now due to the COVID-19 social distancing rules, but everyone can still do their individual part to keep our Earth clean. 

The balloon community is deeply committed to keeping our land and waterways clean.  This Earth Day, The Balloon Council encourages everyone to take the #BeBalloonSmart Pledge.

So follow 5 easy tips to properly use. Like to dispose of balloons. That’s so they can continue to be enjoyed, and don’t wind up as litter.

The most important rule to follow is Do NOT release any balloons. “Once you let go, you can’t control the path of that balloon,” said Lorna O’Hara, Executive Director of The Balloon Council. “It’s important to prevent accidental balloon releases, and make sure that if balloons are used outdoors they are secured by a weight so they can’t fly away an they are secured by a weight so they can’t fly away and drift into power lines, roads, trees or waterways.”

Balloons in a party so balloon council#beballoonsmart pledge

The #BeBalloonSmart pledge: 

  1. Do not release any balloons into the air 
  2. Keep balloons secured with a string and tied to a weight
  3. Children with balloons should always be monitored. Children under eight (8) years of age can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons
  4. When finished with balloons, pop and properly dispose of them
  5. Despite the funny voice helium can give you, it should never be inhaled

Copies of the pledge form (youth and adult) can be downloaded from the website. 

A great in-home activity for children is to draw pictures to represent the pledge tips and then have parents share them on social media for Earth Day using the hashtag #BeBalloonSmart.  Parents can also post the pictures on TBC’s Facebook page ( to help spread the word. 

The Balloon Council (TBC), a non-profit organization of earth-friendly balloon retailers, distributors and manufacturers. TBC sponsors a national education campaign that educates the public about the proper use and disposal of balloons. TBC’s motto: “Don’t let go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy.” 08-2461, For Immediate Release

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