Can we talk marine debris people. So POP, Inc. joins UNCW educating undergraduates about plastic ocean debris. Educating by using open-ocean samples.

I wrote earlier that to commemorate their 50th anniversary in 2019, Oceanic Society and SC Johnson the industry leading manufacturer of household consumer products have announced a partnership. A partnership to build public awareness around Oceanic Society’s conservation goals. It’s therefore through a global engagement campaign centered on five exclusive explorations of key ocean habitats. The campaign, entitled “Five for 50”. It will furthermore bring together influential business leaders, ocean experts, celebrities and social media influencers.

All collected from various aquatic regions in the world.

So it seems they supervise lab research instrumentation. As well as encourage scientific method. They do this because they want to help incubate progressive solutions to plastic pollution and marine debris. We need drastic solutions on plastic pollution and thank goodness people are expressing themselves in a constructive way! More importantly with a constructive message stopping plastic oceans now!

Bonnie Monteleone, marine plastics scientist and artist at UNC-Wilmington. Bonnie creates art from plastic and marine debris collected from the ocean. So cool an idea. Just so so cool!

Finally and for More information from the Marine Plastic Ocean Project

Marine Plastic ocean art made from Marine debris

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