Human lives directly depend on the state of the environment. We might ignore it, but the environment needs our care and support now more than ever. Over the years, even after being informed, we have seen environmental consequences. These mishappenings could have been avoided with proper knowledge of our surroundings.

A healthy environment is the source of everything we have. The more we nurture it, the more virtues it provides. However, we should acknowledge the fact that our environmental resources are limited. According to this statement, we, humans, can exhaust our only means of existence.

Our various activities can have a severe impact on our fauna and flora. One such activity includes vaping or the use of e-cigarettes. While many people applaud its assistance in quitting smoking, vape variants are a severe concern over environmental sustainability. There are rechargeable vape pens, and then there are disposable ones. But, do you know what disposable vape pens are? Keep reading this article to find out.

What are Disposable Vapes?

The vaping revolution has taken every person under its enormous appeal. People wanting to quit smoking see it as an advanced yet easy way to accomplish a cigarette-free life. Since then, companies have been producing loads of disposable vape pens intended for one-time use only.

Even though there are rechargeable and refillable Exhale Wellness’s carts in the market, the response over disposable ones seems to expand. It indicates a cheaper price tag. While many experts regard vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, it is equally impactful to the environment. Let us get a more detailed view of why it is so.

How do These Vapes Affect Our Environment?

There are numerous ways in which these disposable e-cigarettes can harm the environment. Not only do they generate toxic waste, but also plastic and electronic waste. It alone should raise our concerns about using this product. In 2015, around 20 million disposable e-cigarettes were sold from offline retail stores alone in the U.S.

Their extending number is concerning. Looking at the spectrum of the type of waste that disposable vape pens generate, the effects on our planet can be irreversible. How they can affect the environment are—

They Produce Toxic Waste

Used disposable e-cigarettes are merely lying in big hoards of trash. They contribute to the significant amount of plastic waste generated every year. Not just this, the lithium-ion batteries and other electronic materials used in them are undeniably hazardous for the environment.

They Only Serve Their Purpose Once

E-cigarettes that do not support recharging are disposable vape variants. They are supposed to be disposed of once entirely used. This mechanism lacks sustainability. Buying a product that serves its purpose once and cannot be reused increases waste generation. Moreover, in this case, it is hard plastic waste.

They Are Not Durable

Every disposable vape pen comes with a limited number of puffs. After you exhaust that limit, you cannot use it further. It poses an exceptional warning to the environmental balance.

No Correct Way of Disposing of These Vape Pens

The components of disposable vapes contain materials like plastic, heavy metals, lead, mercury, and flammable items like lithium-ion batteries. Because of these materials, they are not biodegradable and are hard to recycle.

They Exhaust Limited Energy Resources

A person has to keep purchasing this product can be exhausting for the environmental sustainability factor. Companies keep manufacturing these disposable vapes that are not even refillable. Hence, increasing electronic waste.

There Is No Proper Recycling Process

Most vape cartridges contain nicotine, which is a toxic substance. It is why there is no clear way of recycling vape mods and cartridges. The e-waste that they generate is hazardous and, at times, not correctly disposed of.

Effect of Disposable Vapes on Biodegradability

Biodegradability refers to the ability of material waste decomposing (biodegrading) by microorganisms. Because main portions of the vape body have plastic and heavy metals, people often discard the parts with single-use plastic. Some parts are not recycled with the rest of the plastic waste. It is due to the presence of nicotine in them.

Most of the e-cigarette waste is scattered as litter. As soon as they start to disintegrate, the toxins release into the environment and increase the risk of severe health concerns. To avoid these unimaginable circumstances, one should opt for a sustainable lifestyle. If you do not know what sustainability is, refer to the next heading. 

What is Environmental Sustainability?

A sustainable environment refers to the surrounding in which the resources are conserved and taken care of. There is minimum exploitation and more preservation. The idea is to preserve global ecosystems. So that they can support and satisfy the needs of upcoming generations.

Various agencies are coming up with sustainable living practices. These practices are not only pocket-friendly but also beneficial to the planet. Sustainability aligns with the welfare standards of both humans and the environment. It can help us accomplish a better future and resource development.

How are Disposable Vaping Products Against the Principles of Sustainability?

The very fact that you have to discard the vape pens as soon as they serve their motive is against a sustainable practice. A product can be sustainable if it is durable and has minimal adverse effects on environmental resources. 

These vaping devices end up in landfills with solid waste. The intoxication of the environment through landfill leakage is a common phenomenon. The substantial frailty of these devices may soon trigger global consequences. It is why people should consider an alternative.

What other option should you consider instead of disposable vapes?

Even though the alternative is just as risky, one can invest in buying rechargeable vaping devices. The reason being their sustainable nature. It is durable and can work for a prolonged period.


The truth is disposable vaping devices are a threat to our planet. All the chemicals, cell electrolytes, and synthetic building materials can potentially destroy our only means of existence.

The rising awareness of toxicity and probable dangers of throwaway vapes encourages consumers to make the right choice. Their decisions can influence the consciousness of upcoming generations. It could be the initiating point of a healthier environment.

Author: Kaitlin Justice

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