Woodcliff Lake, NJ – June 1, 2021…BMW is proud to announce the BMW iX xDrive50. Conceived from the outset as purely electric mobility, the iX sees BMW redefining its successful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept. The BMW iX provides something beyond just mobility. It’s an exhilarating driving experience in combination with a sense of well-being. That’s for both drivers and passengers all the while enjoying the journey with safety, security, and luxury.

Some of the technology features include the 516 hp iX includes DC fast charging at up to 195 kW. It has 5G and Personal eSIM support, a single-piece panoramic glass roof with electrochromic shading. In addition, it features a Curve Display and iDrive 8, BMW Digital Key Plus with ultra-wideband radio technology. Available Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound with 4D audio. Plus, the iconic BMW kidney grille serves as an intelligent sensor panel with self-healing capabilities.

Body and Chassis Design

The BMW iX body structure’s aluminum spaceframe construction features an intelligent material mix that increases rigidity and minimizes weight. This also has a beneficial effect on passive safety, driving dynamics, and electric power consumption. The mix of materials for the bodyshell includes CFRP and high-performance thermoplastics, along with high-strength steels and aluminum.

Light, yet extremely torsion-resistant CFRP components for the side frame, rain channels, roof frame, cowl panel, and rear window frame together form a ‘Carbon Cage’ in the BMW iX body. The BMW Group has employed its many years of experience in working with this high-tech lightweight material.  One amassed during the production of the BMW I models and the current BMW 7 Series.  Therefore, to use CFRP intelligently.  I mean to reinforce the body while saving weight. The Carbon Cage has evolved from the Carbon Core used in the 7 Series.  So it allows the best qualities of this high-tech material to also be appreciated visually.

Fitting a lightweight CFRP side frame reduces the vehicle’s weight while helping to keep its center of gravity low. The cowl panel and rear window frame components are from continuous fiber thermoplastics (CFRTP) using an all-new production method. The innovative blend of materials forms the basis for an exceptionally slim profile that adds to the sense of spaciousness in the cabin. The CFRTP construction increases stiffness while achieving a weight saving of some 10 pounds compared to similar elements made of steel.

Lift-Related Shock Absorbers

BMW iX includes front and rear anti‑roll bars as well as a damping system. It plays a major part in achieving the balance between sport and comfort. Extra hydraulic damping is incorporated into the shock.  One which adjusts the firmness progressively according to the changing suspension travel. This prevents excessive body dive when driving over large bumps. All while low damping forces around the middle damping position ensure a high level of comfort.

5th Generation eDrive Technology

The 5th generation of BMW eDrive technology is built around a drive unit; one that also brings together the electric motor, power electronics and transmission.  All as a highly integrated package.  Then they are further combined within a single housing. For this design approach enables a power density around 30 percent greater.  I mean 30 percent greater than earlier electric drive systems could offer. The latest electric motors developed in-house by the BMW Group.  For it has an efficiency factor of 93 percent.

Charging with EVgo

So, BMW recognizes the critical importance of public charging infrastructure to EV drivers. Therefore, BMW is partnering with EVgo.  For they are the first in the US to power by 100% renewable energy.

In addition, BMW Charging by EVgo provides BMW EV and PHEV drivers.  Combined with access to EVgo. In addition, partner charging network stations via an easy-to-use mobile app. It underscores BMW’s commitment to high performance.  Also to the zero-emissions driving experience. EVgo also enables BMW drivers to see the real-time status of chargers, initiate a session, check their account status, and more all within the BMW Charging Powered by EVgo mobile app.

BMW iDrive 8

The new BMW iDrive 8 is an instrumental component of the user experience onboard the BMW iX xDrive50. The display and the operating system takes the interaction between driver and vehicle further into the digital future. The new BMW iDrive 8, a new generation of displays, controls, and software, plus extremely powerful connectivity and data processing allow BMW iX to serve as an intelligent and proactive partner for the driver and passengers.

The new BMW iDrive 8 was designed with a focus on dialogue-based interaction.  Also using natural language and touch operation. Consequently, new available features include the expanded capabilities of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. For it uses new graphics to communicate with the vehicle’s occupants. Also the BMW Curved Display and the all-new fully digital display forms.  That’s by the information display and control display around the driver.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Sensors

The BMW iX is the BMW Group’s first model to feature driver assistance systems.  Most interestingly, from a new technology toolkit. The new technology toolkit gives the vehicle outstanding intelligence. Especially when it comes to monitoring its surroundings and transferring and processing data. For example, the tech is designed to be able to process 20 times more data than existing models. This means many times more sensor data can process.

The BMW iX xDrive50 is equipped with a wide range of assistance functions.  One which make driving and parking safer and easier. Drivers of vehicles both in standard specification and featuring the optional Driving Assistant Professional.  Finally and Parking Assistant Plus will be offered extended, optimized.  Also, new functions during their ownership of the vehicle.  All that is designed to provide them with the best possible assistance with the task of driving. Noticeable improvements carried out in how the various functions work provide considerable added value for customers.

BMW iX xDrive50 Interior Design

The latest generation of BMW iDrive, has an innovative architecture.  Combined in the cockpit and center console. It also features a hexagonal steering wheel and around 50 percent fewer buttons and switches. Sustainable materials and new design approach are the prominent features inside the BMW iX xDrive50.

Sustainability Throughout the Entire Value Chain

Sustainability has played a very important role in the development of the BMW i brand character. Moreover, minimizing a product’s carbon footprint.  For that’s at all stages of its life cycle.  Then through the sourcing of electricity generated from renewable sources for manufacturing processes.  Finally to the use of recycled materials.

In conclusion, the powerful impetus is provided by the BMW i brand.  That’s in leading the way in this field has helped.  All for the BMW Group.  I mean to stake a claim as the world’s most successful and sustainable premium mobility company. All that affect the creation and use of vehicles from all the BMW Group’s brands.  For I mean from the production of raw materials through manufacturing and use to subsequent recycling.