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Being eco-friendly is a real trend now, and it is related to many spheres of our lives. In this post, we would like to discuss how you can become even greener and make your smartphone as eco-friendly as possible

Being eco-friendly is a real trend now, and it is related to many spheres of our lives. In this post, we would like to discuss how you can become even greener and make your smartphone as eco-friendly as possible.

What does an eco-friendly smartphone mean?

So let’s take a closer look at what it means for an eco-friendly smartphone to find out how you can improve it. Each tiny detail basically matters, starting from the materials to the approach in manufacturing. People tend to change their smartphones really often, which can have a negative impact on the ecology overall. However, they can use sustainable smartphones, which entails the following characteristics:

How to make your smartphone greener?

Use low-energy chargers

We use our smartphones all around the clock—at home, at work, while walking, while shopping, and so on. Of course, no matter what firm you use and what quality the battery is, it will be destroyed pretty soon due to the frequent charging. Thus, your smartphones use an enormous amount of energy that could be spent for more useful purposes. That is why our first recommendation is to select low-energy chargers. It will still provide charging for your phone anytime you need it but will take less natural energy overall. Additionally, you are going to pay less for the electricity monthly, which is also a profit. 

Select the used phones 

These days, buying a new smartphone is not a problem for people of different professions and incomes. They don’t think much of the general impact on the ecology of producing and using more and more phones. They just see the latest model and buy it to use the innovations that weren’t available in the previous model. We would recommend buying the used phones as you can surely find the used phones, still the latest model of a particular manufacturer. Basically, the function works great just as on the new phone, but this helps to shorten the number of devices that overall have a bad impact on the environment. 

Send your old phone to recycling

Due to the writing service Rated by Students, there are two variants of what you can do with your old smartphone—sell it to other people to continue using it, or send it to recycling. But you should never just throw it away, into the trash. When you give your old phone for recycling, it means that you save a certain amount of natural materials that are going to be used for producing a new model of a phone. Nowadays, you can find lots of local firms who recycle or take all the rubbish to recycle to other places. However, as we mentioned in the previous point, you can always sell it for secondary usage. 

Support eco-friendly companies

You need to show your respect and gratitude to companies that try to be more eco-friendly. Of course, they cannot change their manufacturing processes at once and start by replacing just several tiny details. But it is a huge step toward becoming clean and caring more about our environment. Today, we can see the sincere desire and will of many smartphone companies that are transforming and moving in an eco-friendly direction. These companies are Apple, Nokia, Samsung, and others. So we recommend selecting such firms instead of those who don’t care about the ecology at all and don’t protect their position on this subject. 

Use your phone less

The level of carbon footprint in the environment directly depends on the amount of time you use your smartphone. And we talk not just about charging. The less you use your phone, the longer it will serve you correctly. Eventually, you can use it for numerous years with no need to buy another one. Besides, if you start surfing your phone less today, you will have much more spare time for other vital work and home tasks. Smartphones take a significant amount of time that we don’t even notice their huge impact on our lives overall.

Consider the eco-friendly firms that produce phones

At this point, we would like to take a closer look at the eco-friendly smartphone models, their functions, and their differences. Foremost, you need to understand that eco-friendly smartphones are produced in limited editions using only clean and sustainable materials. Eventually, the prices of such phones are a little higher than we used to see. For instance, Fairphone is a completely eco-friendly smartphone that costs approximately $550 while the latest iPhone costs $900-$1000. You may wonder—what is the point? The Fairphone will not provide all functions the iPhone has, like a unique camera and its functions. You pay for the clean components more than the advanced options of your phone. 

Understand the value of your care for ecology

Of course, you will have no desire to switch to eco-friendly smartphones and follow our tips, if you don’t understand your contribution and impact on our ecology. This is not a one-day process. The custom writing service Top Writing Reviews suggests starting from learning. Explore how your smartphone influences the environment, how you can shorten this influence and make your phone cleaner, and what benefits you will gain while using an eco-friendly smartphone. A complete understanding of your input will direct you to the clean path. You need to have a strong will, as nobody is capable of forcing you to switch to ecological usage. 

Use green protective cases and glass

We all use protective glass for the screens and cases of our smartphones. We have such a wide choice of these accessories—some are high-quality, while others are useless and just nice. Furthermore, we strongly insist on using protective items made of eco-friendly materials and those that can be easily recycled. If you are not going to select clean smartphones, this is a good way to support the eco-friendly approach and make your smartphone a bit cleaner. Surely, such accessories will cost higher than simple plastic cases, but they also will serve you longer. 

Save your display

The screen burn-in is a common problem of all modern smartphones. The main cause of this wastage is irregular pixel usage. Basically, it includes the brightness level you use and its frequent changes, screen time—the time spent with the lighted display, overall screen activity, and so on. Many smartphones provide the function of setting up the suitable brightness mode considering the lighting in the room, time of the day, etc. You can also use the dark modes in the apps where this option is available, which helps to save the display as well. 

Download “clean” apps

At last, if the previous tips don’t suit your case, we would like to suggest you use clean apps for your smartphones. To find the list of such apps, you can easily google the companies who selected the clean approach in the development and use these solutions instead of “bad” apps. Moreover, some of these apps can boldly replace the famous social network as they offer the same functions but in an eco-friendly way. You can also encourage the app companies to go green and follow the eco-friendly path in their businesses.

To sum up

As you see, making your smartphone greener is not a challenging task. You can start with tiny steps like replacing apps and buying ecological protective cases and glasses. When you understand the overall impact of your smartphone on our ecology, you will definitely want to become greener and care more about our environment.

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