Although the advantages of using a green building are well known, you may wonder if there are actually disadvantages to using the system for creating structures. Almost everyone is going to need to enter a building at some point in time. Whether you are living in one, working in one, or if you are going to a local hospital, the building must be built for these reasons. Most of the time that you spend indoors will be in either a home or a building where you live or work. If you have tenants, you want them to be as comfortable as possible.

Green Building Benefits

In fact, comfort is a primary factor that motivates people to reduce their ecological footprint. Green buildings are one way that this can be done. There are so many advantages to implementing the smart building technology and solutions associated with green developments, plus you will have a much greater ROI when you are using materials that originate from a sustainable source. All of this is positive, yet there are disadvantages that need to be addressed if you are considering developing green buildings in the near future.

Building green

Green Building Advantages and Disadvantages

Looking at green buildings from one perspective, they are very advantageous. They can help you reduce operating costs, reduce energy consumption. For it will allow you to use much more viable alternative resources. You can also minimize CO2 emissions and improve your quality of living and productivity levels. On the downside, the initial investment will be much higher when you are finding experts, purchasing materials, and using technology that is designed to help construct green structures.

Green Building Advantages

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption is one of the most obvious advantages to going green. On a global scale, this has massive potential for the construction of residential and commercial buildings. The use of smart systems such as smart lighting, smart HVAC systems, and the use of better windows and insulation in your home, can greatly minimize how much energy you are consuming.

Reduced Operating Costs by Building Green

There are several ways in which you can minimize your operating costs when you are using green building technology. First of all, you can minimize the cost of using this material. In some cases, when you purchase solar panels, you may even get discounts and will be able to sell energy back to the local energy companies for a profit.

Sustainable Resources 

You also need to consider certain advantages. These advantages will include using materials like plastic, and conserving your use of water when you are creating building materials that are sustainable. In fact, there are several plumbing technologies that are relatively new which involve the collection of rainwater and using this water in a sustainable fashion. Some other options are to use recycled steel, recycled concrete, bamboo, and many other materials.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions are getting out of hand, leading to many variations in our climate. Therefore, utilizing sustainable materials, renewable energy sources, and smart building technology, can reduce emissions.

Increased Levels of Productivity of Tenants

Studies show that office buildings using sustainable materials offer better air quality for people inside by up to 8%. The health benefits are going to work for everyone, and this will lead to higher levels of productivity for your business.

Improved Cost of Living

When you have several tenants living in a building, a green building would be the best option. For example, you can control the temperature, climate, and lighting conditions inside these buildings which are designed to minimize energy usage. You may also take advantage of better cognitive function and will likely sleep better at night.


What Is Your Initial Investment?

Despite the fact that the ROI on green buildings is relatively high, it is the initial investment that causes a problem for many people. Take advantage of the solutions and technologies that experts are implementing. To do so, you need to realize how beneficial it is.

Choosing The Best Technology for These Buildings

Using the best technology for any building can be difficult to do. Every place, and every single house, is going to be different to some degree.

How To Find Green Materials?

Sourcing green material can be problematic. It may not be available for everyone in different areas of the world. It can lead to a trend that will make accessing this material much easier.

Using People with Expertise

It is the novelty and newness of green building projects that make this a great disadvantage for people stepping into this industry. There are very few professionals, as well as experts, that can assist you with trying to understand certain topics.

Success Depends on Your Location

The final problem that you may find with setting up a green building is finding the best location. Temperature and climate changes can lead to problematic scenarios building one of these systems or projects.

Best Book Recommendation Regarding This Topic

“Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery” is a book that everyone should read. It provides regarding green building principles. Some topics Kibert mentions are architecture, engineering, economics, construction, and the ROI for these projects. The author Kibert provides consulting work for construction companies and design teams. Kibert was originally part of the US-based movement for LEED-certified buildings.

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Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics.

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