With that reference to Scarface: Say Hello To mY Friend!! This is an extensive list of firsts for this Lexus brand. However we got the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) in the Lexus lineup – the NX 450h+! It’s a serious ride folks. When you step in you notice that all-new Lexus Interface multimedia system and a larger more cleaner digital dashboard!

Expect more than 86 MPG

For the second generation NX, Lexus doubles down with the first plug-in hybrid electric Lexus model, the first NX 450h+. And The Green Living Guy got to test it first!!

So let’s break down my test folks. I plugged in every night when I used this vehicle! Now I didn’t need a Level 2 charger! With a plugin hybrid all you need is a 110 outlet and the plug! I woke up every morning with this vehicle fully charged and ready for the day!

Next I drove it everywhere and even though it says it gets 35-37 miles all electric, with regenerative braking you can expect about 40-42 miles all electric.  Then if you go farther than the EV range it does go into hybrid mode. While I drove it mostly in ECO mode on the hybrid we did test the speed on the gas engine and it performs folks: don’t kid yourself!

Now, why do I say 86 MPG? Well I tested it and the average MPG was 27 Miles per gallon. That’s for people who DON’T PLUGIN!  After a week of using it I was able to easily get it up to 42 MPG! Had I kept driving it on the regular like I was, it would have gone up to over 70 MPG but for those conservative folks out there who don’t want to say 99 MPG but a gallon of gas ain’t one let’s say it gets 86 MPG! I will test this again folks because my guess is if you keep using it the way I did you can expect 99 MPG! For real but let’s just say first test was astounding!

New Designs Were Hot

As Lexus stated, this NX has been redesigned from the inside out. So every exterior surface has been reimagined. The signature spindle grille has been refined in the front. And, perhaps the most notable expression of future Lexus design is the elegant new block LEXUS rear badging and full-width tail lamp. On this IG video you can see how dope the new Lexus logo looks!

Lexus Driving Signature results from an entirely new approach to vehicle development. This ensures a uniquely Lexus experience where each vehicle exhibits a direct, linear driving feel that is consistent across the lineup.

Here’s my showing it off to the Mount Vernon DPW staff because EV / plugins are HOT!

Advanced technology abounds in the all-new NX. Drivers can stay in touch with the intuitive features of Lexus Interface, such as wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto, Voice Assistant, cloud-navigation capable with Google Points of Interest (POI), over the air updates and available Digital Key. 

Lexus Interface: An All-New Elegant, Intuitive Connected Multimedia System

The all-new, US-developed Lexus Interface multimedia system is amazing. Much more amazing than the previous version. For this one allows the NX to effortlessly integrate and navigate life’s twists and turns. The eye-catching standard is now a 9.8-inch, optically bonded touchscreen. For it supplies intuitive technology at the occupants’ fingertips. The screen’s new Human Machine Interface enhances user interaction through sight, touch and voice. All the while balancing accessibility needs. So we got the optional 14-inch touchscreen. This includes a three-year trial for Drive Connect services. That’s such as location guidance with Cloud Navigation, Destination Assist and Intelligent Assistant.

Smart Phones Connect

With the ubiquitous use of smart phones, an intuitive and simple guest experience is now possible with Lexus Interface. With the User Profile feature, the driver’s personalized settings and experience can be kept in the cloud. It can be accessed on the go in other Lexus Interface equipped vehicles. Once a profile is created in the Lexus App, guests can use a Bluetooth handheld device, smart key or manual login to access it.

New Voice Command Action Too!

Lexus Interface also incorporates a new Voice Assistant available through voice activation or accessible via a button on the steering wheel. Developed with a human-centered approach, the Lexus Interface Assistant allows for a natural and intuitive way for guests to interact with the new multimedia system. Designed with dual microphones, enhanced noise-cancellation, seat detection and speaker location capabilities!

In addition, the system enables a voice-first approach allowing front seat occupants an expanded and interactive experience to access media, phone and vehicle settings such as climate control. The available Intelligent Assistant expands upon the standard Assistant capabilities with a Drive Connect subscription. Convenience features such as weather and location-based notifications are accessible, including address and POI search with navigation through Intelligent Assistant. With Wi-Fi Connect, the Intelligent Assistant offers interaction with integrated audio streaming functionality.


So I have to say for the price this is a well worth investment! You get the plugin hybrid tax credit, a vehicle that’ll say who needs to worry about brake pads, also forget going to the gas station every week and expect the same Lexus ride you always had before!

Given Lexus pricing at $56k (had to be more than $69k fully loaded) this is more than worth the price! The trunk space is more than enough and my sizing it just a bit more than the Lexus 300h, this is a spacious and comfortable ride!

Finally, if you are using this around the town and even commuting to work, expect a 80 plug MPG vehicle! This is if you plug it in every night to save on gas! It will NOT disappoint! It just won’t!

Lexus NX plugin hybrid

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