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Bedford, NY – New York State Senators Pete Harckham, Shelley B. Mayer, Tim Kennedy, and Anna Kaplan and the Bedford Central School District, in conjunction with the GreenPower Motor Company, hosted a demonstration today of a zero-emission, fully electric school bus at Fox Lane High School.

Moreover, the demonstration gave attendees an opportunity to learn more about zero-emission / EV school buses. That’s in regard to their life cycle, range, cost, and maintenance. Also, attendees were given an opportunity to take a test ride, moreover, on GreenPower Motor’s new 90-passenger, Class 8, Type D school bus known as The BEAST. That stands for Battery Electric Automotive School Transportation.

State Sen. Harckham with other attendees at the zero-emission / EV school bus demonstration at Fox Lane High School in Bedford

“To meet the greenhouse gas reduction goals in New York’s The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, we will have to take serious action, including transitioning to zero-emission vehicles,” said Harckham. “School buses, which run mostly on diesel fuel, are a top cause of air pollution. This demonstration offered a lot of information and answered important questions about electric battery school buses, which are certainly on their way to wider use.”

Senator Shelley B. Mayer, chair of the Senate Committee on Education, said:

“We see the effects of climate change every day. We cannot wait to address it. In addition, thank you to GreenPower Motor Company for demonstrating what a zero-emission, a fully electric school bus could look like in our community. I look forward to working with Senators Pete Harckham, Tim Kennedy, and Anna Kaplan, our colleagues, education stakeholders, and Governor Hochul on an approach to transition to electric school buses across New York.”

Senator Tim Kennedy, chair of the Senate Committee on Transportation, said:

“New York has enacted the most comprehensive and aggressive climate change legislation in the nation and made historic, sustainable investments in our infrastructure and transportation systems statewide. Therefore, we need to continue to think big—and that includes enacting real policy to incentivize the transition of school bus fleets to electric, and underscoring our commitment to a greener, environmentally-just New York.”

Senator Anna M. Kaplan, chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business, said:

“Electric school buses are a triple-win for our community: protecting our kids from harmful diesel fumes, reducing our impact on climate change and saving schools money on gas and maintenance. Therefore, the time to make the switch is now, and I’m proud to stand with my colleagues Senator Harckham, Senator Kennedy, and Senator Mayer in previewing this vital new technology.”

Attendees at the electric bus demonstration included school district officials, local residents, and students. Moreover, environmental and climate change advocates. That’s from groups such as Bedford 2030, Croton 100, Mothers Out Front, Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association, and Yorktown 100.

Patty Buchanan of Croton 100 said, “Adoption of electric school buses is an immediate imperative for three main reasons. First, they are better for taxpayers because they save money over the lifetime of the bus. That’s due to higher efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and lower fuel costs. Second, they drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to a consensus among global scientists, is urgently required to ensure a stable climate. Third, continuing to use diesel buses is harmful to the health of our school children due to particulate emissions.”

Seth Leitman, a.k.a. The Green Living Guy and president of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Association, said:

“Electric buses do three amazing things. They save energy and maintenance costs for local school districts across the country. So overall, their costs are significantly less than their diesel counterparts. Second, they create local jobs in America. And third, it is a zero-emissions vehicle. Imagine all the particulate matter and noxious chemicals not being emitted while the kids come outside to get on the bus. It’s healthier and cleaner for the region, the country, and the world.”

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