Evaluating the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Vehicle

For 2023, Volkswagen ID.4 has EV plus serious assist drive lane technology. It’s made their first all-electric SUV more accessible. Again, I also loved the assist-drive lane technology. For it’s so more technologically advanced. Also and more comfortable. Built also on the MEB electric vehicle architecture. For the VW drive is an amalgamation of heritage features. All from the brand that has been combined with performance.  Then I know you’re packaging also a good value.

Assist drive lane technology. ID.4 AWD Pro S

**In 2023, Volkswagen will be manufacturing their ID.4 drives all-electric compact SUV at their advanced Chattanooga, Tennessee facility. That’s with an additional $800 million investment in the North American region. Plus, a version with a 62 kWh battery will become available later in 2022, making the VW ID.4 drive a great model line more affordable.


Volkswagen’s ID.4 line-up is uncomplicated. For that’s also coming in three versions. That’s the Standard/Pro, S, and S Plus.  In addition, the choice of a 62 kWh or 82 kWh battery. That’s also as well as rear-wheel- or all-wheel-drive.

Plus, with my favorite assist-drive lane technology.

sideview shot VW

The VW ID.4 Pro S all-wheel drive adds an asynchronous motor to the front axle. Thereby upping the horsepower to 295 to assist the drive system. All with an EPA-estimated range of 255 miles.

A Test Drive’s Outcome

I got 255 miles on average during the week.

Also, that vehicles standard begins at an MSRP of $38,995 which includes the assist-drive technology for extra.

Newer Look

The 2023 model year of the ID.4 introduces a few subtle but purposeful styling changes. The front bumper is now accented with gloss black highlights. All the while S models now feature 20-inch rims. Also included with the S models is an illuminated rear VW emblem. One along with the previously equipped exterior premium lighting package of LED headlights. Combined also with the Adaptive Front-lighting System. Also, an illuminated lightline and front VW emblem.

VW ID.4 in snow


The interior of the VW ID.4 drives better now. Moreover it features a 12-inch infotainment display as a standard. For 2023, all trims have been made to appear more luxurious. The dash now contains stitching, with mélange fabric and leatherette seat side bolsters. Thereby replacing the basic cloth upholstery of the previous model.

VW digital dash


For the S models, two interior choices of leatherette are provided: Galaxy and Cosmic. Galaxy cars have black leatherette seat inserts paired with Platinum gray accents on the bolsters, door inserts, and dashboard. That’s including a black steering wheel and displays. As for the Cosmic option, it features gray seat inserts with blue bolsters, door inserts, and dashboard, along with a white steering wheel and displays.


Furthermore, the stitching on the door panels has been improved to give an even more refined look and an adjusted center console has been added to address the needs of American customers. Additionally, the S Plus trim now comes with the option of heated outer rear seats.
Despite its complexity, the electric drive unit is incredibly lightweight. Thereby weighing just 200 pounds with the motor. Also, transmission, energy source and control circuitry. For it is small enough to be stowed in a regular duffle bag.

Made in America and Germany

The components of the VW ID.4, including the electric drivetrain. For they are made by Volkswagen Group Components in Kassel and Salzgitter, Germany. All the while the battery pack is assembled in Chattanooga, made with cells from SK Innovation in Commerce, Georgia.

ID.4 Crash Responses

For assist drive lane technology and in certain types of accidents, the Volkswagen ID.4 is outfitted. That’s with an Intelligent Crash Response System. One that will also unlock the doors and I mean even turn on the hazard lights.


Volkswagen’s new IQ.DRIVE® advanced driver assist technology offers semi-autonomous capability. On highways, it also offers lane centering assistance. That’s as well as a capacitive steering wheel. One to also make maneuvering easier. In the city, it can alert drivers to potential risks. That’s also supervise the environment for enhanced driving assist safety technology.

Included with the ID.4, the IQ.DRIVE system uses front and rear radar. Also a front camera and several ultrasounds sensors. Combined to most importantly survey its surroundings. That’s supplying:

  1. Travel Assist Lane Drive technology
  2. Front Assist Lane
  3. Active Side Drive Assist technology
  4. Rear Traffic Alert
  5. Adaptive Cruise Control Stop and Go
  6. Assist Lane Drive
  7. and Emergency Assist.

Travel Assist

Travel Assist has been upgraded to include lane changing.

Front Assist

Front Assist features Forward Collision Alerts, Autonomous Emergency Braking, and newly added Pedestrian Detection and Cyclist Spotting. Active Side Assist provides Blind Spot Monitoring. Adaptive Cruise Control Stop and Go assists with breaking. Lane Assist is a Lane Keeping System, and Emergency Assist offers semi-automated aid in medical emergencies.

The ID.4 boasts Travel Assist’s semi-automated driving capabilities.

That’s with speed being able to reach up to 95 mph. Especially when the ACC and Lane Assist are activated by the driver using the button on the steering wheel. It is imperative that the driver stays alert and firmly grasps the capacitive steering wheel for control. The cockpit display gives information about lane markings and nearby vehicles, and in 2023, the ID.4 will be able to perform assisted lane changes. All the driver needs to do is switch on the turn signal and the car will complete the maneuver when it is deemed safe.


Safer ID.4

The standard Front Assist feature on the ID.4 is created to notify drivers of potential frontal collisions with both vehicles and people and, in certain situations, implement automated braking (Autonomous Emergency Braking).


For its 2023 models, the system has the ability to detect cyclists or pedestrians. Those who are traveling close to the car. All to inform the driver if they enter its path.

Collision Warning

When driving at a speed of 18 mph or more, the Forward Collision Warning give both a visual and an auditory alert in the dashboard. Additionally, the brakes may also be applied to caution the driver. If the car is going slower than the limit.

For the Autonomous Emergency Braking will also be started without any prior notice. The Braking Support will furthermore increase the pressure on the brakes if the pedal is activated.

Lane Assist is No Joke

When a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, the Lane Assist system will be activated. For it will alert the driver by flashing a LED symbol.

Counter-steering will be put into effect to keep the car in the lane. I mean even if the turn signal is engaged. In the event the driver attempts to veer out of the lane. For the system will provide an extra vibration of the steering wheel as a caution.

Again Lane Assist No Joke

The ID.4 comes standard with a feature called Lane Keeping System (Lane Assist). At speeds of greater than 40 mph. For the camera will detect the lane markings and use an algorithm. All to calculate if the car is unintentionally drifting away from the lane without the turn signal. If it is, Lane Assist will take action to ensure the car remains in its lane. When the driver removes their hands from the wheel for a certain period. For an audible warning will sound and a visual signal will appear on the dashboard. Thereby prompting the driver to take back control.

Emergency Assist

The ID.4 is also equipped with Emergency Assist. One which will bring the car to a standstill if the driver fails to act. It also keeps track of the driver by observing their hands on the steering wheel. So if no action is taken, visual, auditory, and brake jolts warnings will be activated. If there is still no response, the system will gradually bring the car to a halt in the same lane and switch on the hazard lights. For Emergency Assist to activate, Lane Assist must be activated.

The ID.4 is furnished with an array of features. That’s from the IQ.DRIVE, to the standard Park Distance Control, Park Drive Assist (Parking Steering Assistant), Park Assist Plus with Memory Parking, Dynamic Road Sign Display, and Light Assist (High Beam Control for headlights). For the ID.4 Pro S Plus models, Area View (Overhead View Camera) is included.

The Park Distance Control also has Maneuver Braking. All which is intended to help reduce or avoid contact with stationary objects when the car is traveling at 1-6 mph. If it detects an unmoving obstacle, it can trigger the brakes to minimize the chance of an accident. This system can be turned off via the touch display or be disabled entirely via the setup menu.

Popularity is enjoyed by the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, and Toyota RAV4 vehicles.

Source: VW

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