Have you ever wondered if there is something intrinsically linked between society’s strong focus on a sustainable lifestyle and minimalist fashions? After all, both operate under the principle that less is more. When it comes to a sustainable lifestyle, we are told to observe the 3 Rs of sustainability. All which would be to do the 3. That’s of course reduce, reuse and recycle. I mean: Isn’t that pretty much what minimalist fashion is all about?

A minimalist wardrobe is based on having a minimal amount of clothing. Yet enough clothing to serve any occasion.  I mean in which you find yourself. Some say it’s the mix and match approach. Especially to planning your wardrobe and others believe that you can successfully recycle. Because that’s last year’s fashions.  That’s with just a few modifications. 

Perhaps you accessorize them differently or shorten the hem, for example. It’s about being able to do more without adding significantly to the clothes hanging in your closet. In effect, that fairly well sums up the 3 Rs of sustainability.  All if you are interested in maintaining a minimalist wardrobe.  So let’s see how that can be seen from a sustainable perspective.

Minimalist Fashion
Minimalist Fashion

One for All and All for One

No, we aren’t speaking of the motto memorialised in The Three Musketeers here. Yet, rather the 3 Rs of sustainability and also minimalist wardrobes. Take for example the epitome of a minimalist coat from Max Mara. A Max Mara Coat can be worn well in several settings. You can wear a calf-length Max Mara Coat. One with trousers and a casual blouse. Then with evening wear. I mean or even sportswear. For that’s such as jeans and a turtleneck blouse. It’s one style for all occasions and all occasions to suit one fashion. Wouldn’t Alexander Dumas be proud of you for a lesson well-learned?

Recycling and Reusing with Alterations

Why would you toss a perfectly good blouse or pair of jeans.  Especially if they are still serviceable? A few alterations would give them a whole new appeal. That’s without going to all the cost of buying new items for your minimalist fashion wardrobe. Isn’t this much like working to minimize our use of natural resources in sustainability? We work to recycle anything that can be made into other products. Especially so that we aren’t continually depleting our natural resources. 

You might look at minimalist wardrobes to accomplish the very same things. Instead of using more natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, hemp and so forth. Yet we are finding ways to reuse or recycle articles of clothing manufactured from those natural fibers. It makes perfectly good sense when you are set out to save the planet. All so you can do this with your wardrobe as well. I mean one item of clothing at a time.

Those Crossover 3 Rs to the Rescue

Not only are those crossover 3 Rs important in today’s minimalist wardrobes. However, they can help to minimize the destruction we are inflicting on our planet. You could say that sustainability and minimalism go hand in hand. Yet with very good reasons. To put it another way, if you are seeking to save the planet. I mean do so from a minimalist perspective. In addition, you will accomplish what you set out to do. That’s the bottom line.


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