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Siemens Energy, a leading provider of energy solutions. For it has most recently recently signed a contract with German-Dutch network operator TenneT. In addition, it signed a contract with the BorWin5 Offshore Consortium. That’s to most noteworthy supply high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power transmission technology. All for an offshore connection in the German North Sea. This agreement marks the seventh HVDC offshore grid connection project. Solely undertaken by Siemens Energy in Germany with TenneT.  Thereby highlighting the company’s expertise in this field.

Siemens Energy BorWin5 Project: Enabling Low-Loss Transmission of Electricity

The BorWin5 project, scheduled to commence operation in 2025. For it clearly aims to facilitate the low-loss transmission of electricity. All generated by the EnBW He Dreiht wind farm. It’s located off the island of Borkum, to the Garrel/Ost converter station. The platform BorWin epsilon, part of the BorWin5 project. For it will play a crucial role in this transmission process.

Siemens energy offshore

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Siemens Energy and TenneT Awards Turnkey Contract to NKT for Cable System Delivery

TenneT has awarded a turnkey contract to NKT for the delivery and installation of the cable system required for the BorWin5 project. This contract includes the manufacturing of approximately 230 km of 320 kV high-voltage DC on and offshore power cables. That’s as well as the necessary accessories. The offshore installation will be carried out by the cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria. Thereby ensuring the seamless connectivity of the transmission system.

Siemens Energy’s Contribution to Decarbonization Efforts

Siemens Energy is delighted to collaborate with TenneT once again. Especially to actively contribute to the decarbonization of Germany’s energy supply. Beatrix Natter, the executive vice president of the transmission division at Siemens Energy. She expresses her satisfaction with the partnership. Moreover and emphasizes the significant role HVDC technology plays in achieving sustainable energy goals. She states, “The seventh order in the German North Sea underscores the great confidence in our HVDC technology.”

Siemens Energy Overcoming Challenges: HVDC Technology for Offshore Grid Connections

The offshore converter station, a crucial component of the BorWin5 project. For it will convert the three-phase alternating current generated by the wind turbines into direct current with a voltage of ±320 kV. This conversion ensures low-loss transmission of electricity to the shoreside converter station in Garrel/Ost, which will then convert the electricity back into three-phase alternating current for integration into Germany’s power grid.

Siemens Energy and Dragados Offshore: A Comprehensive Partnership

Siemens Energy, in collaboration with its Spanish partner Dragados Offshore S.A., is responsible for the turnkey construction and installation of both the offshore platform and the converter station on land. While Siemens Energy supplies the HVDC technology required for the project and builds the shoreside station, Dragados Offshore is responsible for the design, procurement, construction, and installation of the offshore converter platform.

A Significant Milestone: Total Transmission Capacity

The successful operation of the DolWin6 and BorWin5 projects will also result in a total transmission capacity of 5.6 GW of wind power. More importantly and all in the German North Sea. This achievement highlights the advancements made in offshore wind energy. In addition, the commitment of Siemens Energy and its partners. Especially to expanding renewable energy sources.


Siemens Energy’s agreement to supply HVDC power transmission technology for the BorWin5 project in the German North Sea is a testament. Especially to the company’s expertise in offshore grid connections. It’s because of its collaboration with TenneT and Dragados Offshore. For Siemens Energy is actively contributing to the decarbonization of Germany’s energy supply. The successful completion of this project and also the increased transmission capacity. For it will finally pave the way for a more sustainable and also a greener future.

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