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As we talk Volta Zero electric trucks, the world embraces the need for sustainable solutions. For the transportation industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a key player in this transition. Thereby offering a cleaner and greener alternative to traditional combustion engine vehicles.

Volta Electric Trucks

Volta Trucks, a Swedish manufacturer. For it has taken a pioneering step towards sustainability with the development of the Volta Zero. It’s the world’s first purpose-built 16-tonne electric truck. In line with their commitment to transparency and sustainability. For Volta Electric Trucks recently published a groundbreaking life cycle assessment (LCA) report for the Volta Zero. Thereby examining its carbon footprint from production to end-of-life disposal.

Volta zero electric truck
Madrid / Spain – 08 19 2017: Prada store at Calle de Serrano street by the National Archaeological Museum at the Plaza de Colon downtown Madrid

The Significance of the Volta Zero Electric Truck LCA Report

Volta Trucks’ decision to conduct a life cycle assessment of the Volta Zero represents a remarkable milestone. Especially in the industry. While previous LCA reports have focused on production vehicles. For this assessment delves into the carbon emissions associated with a prototype vehicle. By sharing this report, Volta Trucks also showcases its dedication to transparently communicate. Most importantly, its sustainability efforts. Moreover its position as a leader in zero-tailpipe emission commercial vehicles.

Volta zero electric truck
Madrid / Spain – 08 19 2017: Prada store at Calle de Serrano street by the National Archaeological Museum at the Plaza de Colon downtown Madrid

Image: Volta Zero electric truck (Photo: Volta Trucks)

The Scope of the Life Cycle Assessment

The life cycle assessment of the Volta Zero, conducted by Ricardo Energy and Environment. For it offers a comprehensive analysis of the vehicle’s carbon footprint. The assessment covers the entire life span of the electric truck. That’s from production to end-of-life disposal. It identifies the key contributors to carbon emissions. Again, that’s at each stage. Therefore, it highlights potential opportunities for improvement. This holistic approach allows Volta Trucks to identify areas where sustainability can be enhanced. Both within the business and also in future product development.

Key Findings of the Life Cycle Assessment

The preliminary analysis of the Volta Zero’s carbon footprint revealed some noteworthy insights. The report identified the use phase. That’s specifically the charging of the vehicle during customer usage. For it’s the largest contributor to total lifetime emissions. Thereby accounting for 62% of the carbon footprint. This highlights the importance of promoting sustainable energy sources for charging EVs. I mean such as microgrids with wind or solar power and energy storage. Especially to mitigate emissions during the use phase.

Material extraction and processing were identified. Especially as the next significant contributors to carbon emissions. Thereby making up 33% of the vehicle’s lifetime footprint. Volta Trucks recognizes the need to collaborate with suppliers. In addition, to reduce the carbon impact of materials used in the manufacturing process. By sourcing sustainable materials and optimizing production techniques is essential. For then the company aims to minimize its environmental footprint.

Life-Cycle Report Volta Zero Trucks 
The report also noted that end-of-life recycling activities contribute 4.5% of the vehicle’s carbon emissions over its lifetime, while manufacturing processes only account for 0.5%. These findings emphasize the importance of extending the lifespan of vehicles to reduce their overall carbon impact, as well as implementing efficient recycling practices to minimize waste and emissions.

Utilizing the LCA Report for Sustainability Improvements

Volta Trucks is committed to utilizing the insights gained from the LCA report to drive sustainability improvements across all aspects of its business. The company aims to reduce supply chain emissions, increase the lifespan of its trucks and batteries, and explore further opportunities for recycling and reusing materials. By integrating sustainability into every stage of the product lifecycle, Volta Trucks strives to create the most environmentally friendly commercial vehicles possible and actively contribute to combating climate change.

Dr. David Amienyo, Sustainability Principal at Volta Trucks, emphasized the importance of the LCA report in guiding their sustainability efforts, stating, “For Volta Trucks to publish a life cycle assessment so early in the pre-production phase is testament to the transparency we’re giving our sustainability efforts.”

Expanding the Scope of Sustainability Efforts

While the initial life cycle assessment of the Volta Zero provides valuable insights, Volta Trucks recognizes the need for continuous improvement and increased accuracy. The company plans to perform a more detailed life cycle assessment of the production version of the Volta Zero, ensuring a more precise analysis of its carbon footprint. This commitment to ongoing evaluation and refinement demonstrates Volta Trucks’ dedication to driving sustainability forward in the commercial transport sector.

Additionally, Volta Trucks aims to extend the scope of their sustainability efforts beyond carbon emissions. The company is exploring opportunities to improve air quality, enhance resource efficiency, and implement further environmentally friendly practices. By embracing a multi-faceted approach to sustainability, Volta Trucks aims to contribute to the creation of cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable cities for all.


The publication of the life cycle assessment report for the Volta Zero represents a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable transportation. Volta Trucks’ commitment to transparency and sustainability is commendable, setting a new industry standard for the evaluation of carbon emissions associated with prototype vehicles. By identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing sustainable practices, Volta Trucks is leading the way in the development of zero-tailpipe emission commercial vehicles. Through their innovative approach and dedication to sustainability, Volta Trucks is driving the transition to electric vehicles and shaping a greener future for the transportation industry.

For more information, access the full Volta Zero life cycle assessment report here

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