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The Juice to Go Series Will Continue Through the Summer, with a Special 2-For-1 Deal on Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th

Rouge Tomate is a great sustainable restaurant in New York City that was voted the Best Juice Bar in 2009 by New York magazine.  They will launch a Juice To Go series through the summer, beginning Friday, May 28th in time for Memorial Day Weekend. 

As a celebration of summer, there will be a 2-for-1 offer on Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th.  One of the greenest restaurants in Manhattan, Rouge Tomate will be using 100% biodegradable cups for the transportation of their signature combinations.  All of the non-alcoholic “Mocktails” currently listed on the bar menu will be available as a “to go” option for $8.00 each and can be ordered from the host or directly at the bar. 

Rouge Tomate’s juice menu is managed by beverage director, Pascaline Lepeltier who works in conjunction with Natalia Hancock, Rouge Tomate’s culinary nutritionist to create the spectacular, yet healthy concoctions.  The menu currently features drinks such as the Cucumber Cooler made from cucumber, lemon dill and seltzer.  Also featured is the Amber Palmer with a hint of jasmine complimenting the green tea, rosemary-grapefruit juice, mint and seltzer.  A staple on Rouge Tomate’s menu is the Green Tornado which features a green juice made from tarragon, spinach, basil, butter lettuce along with mint and lemon juice.  Other seasonal options are the Rouge Tomate Lemonade, the Velvet Sienna and the Red Tornado (as featured last month on a Dr. Oz. Show segment).  

“During the summer everyone wants to be outside, specifically in Rouge Tomate’s backyard, Central Park. We wanted to offer our guests a way to enjoy their favorite juices while taking in some sun around Manhattan,” said Peter Esmond, Director of Operations at Rouge Tomate.  “Our beverages are amazingly refreshing, full of nutritional benefits and we use only local and seasonal ingredients to match the celebration of summer. We are very excited to officially launch the juice to go series.”  


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