The Nature Conservancy’s Don’t Move Firewood initiative is out and about in Western Mass this summer spreading awareness to save Massachusetts’ trees from foreign pests, like the Asian longhorned beetle.

Did you know a simple camping trip could destroy your local forests?

Worcester, MA came to this realization in 2008 when a resident discovered the presence of Asian longhorned beetles. This devastating find has led to the necessary destruction of over 27,000 New England trees.

According to the Nature Conservancy: By moving wood from place to place, you may also be moving exotic pests to different locations. The solution is simple: Don’t Move Firewood. The Western Mass “That’s What Tree Said” campaign is dedicated to spreading this critical message to the people of Massachusetts, and we need your help. Awareness of the problem is the best defense, and the people of Massachusetts deserve to be armed.

We encourage you to learn more about the Don’t Move Firewood fight you can also visit their Facebook page or Twitter page.

Also, to learn more about the plight of Worcester, check out “Lurking in the Trees”, a documentary inspired by the town’s fight against Asian longhorned beetles.

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