In the real world, where time is money, converting an existing internal combustion engine vehicle saves money in terms of large capital investment and a large amount of labor. 

By starting with an existing late-model vehicle, the electric vehicle (EV) converter’s bonus is a structure that comes completed with body, chassis, suspension, steering, and braking systems-all designed, developed, tested and safety-proven to work together. 

Provided the converted electric vehicle does not greatly exceed the original vehicle’s (gross vehicle weight requirement) GVWR or GAWR )weight per axle specifications, all systems will continue to deliver their previous performance, stability and handling characteristics.  And the EV converter inherits another body bonus-its bumpers, lights, safety-glazed windows, etc are already preapproved and tested to meet all safety requirements.There’s still another benefit- you save more money.  Automobile junkyards make money by buying the whole car (truck, van, etc) and selling it off as pieces for more than they paid for the car. 

When you build (rather than convert) an EV, you are on the other side of the fence.  Unless you bought a complete kit, building from scratch means buying chassis tubing, angle braces, and sheet rock plus axles/suspension, brakes, steering, gauges, instruments, dashboard/interior trim/upholstery, etc – parts that are bound to cost you more a la carte than buying them already manufactured and installed in a completed vehicle.

Excerpt from Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

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