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Taking a stand for the environment, Great Escape sets an example, demonstrating if one small company can embrace and extend clean energy, other companies can too

CULVER CITY, California, July 11, 2012—It takes one leader to step up and set a good example. Others will follow. EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure solutions, today announced that Schiller Park, Illinois-based Great Escape Restaurant hired EV Connect to deploy new publicly-accessible EV charge stations and link them into the company’s renewable wind energy source.

“Someone’s got to make the leap and do right by the environment to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We decided to set an example,” said Brian Great, owner, Great Escape Restaurant. “If a small business can take action and be a proponent of clean energy, others can do the same thing. We’re thankful EV Connect helped us take the next step and extend our wind power to EV drivers, giving them clean energy to power their zero-emission vehicles. Our charge stations are a positive amenity for our EV-owning diners—and anyone on the verge of purchasing one.”

EV Connect provided Great Escape comprehensive infrastructure services, including assistance with EV charge station selection, site assessment, installation, power integration, and permitting.

Great Escape became famous in 2009 for its commitment to clean energy by erecting a 108kw wind turbine. The turbine produces 50 to 70 percent of the electric power needed for the business. Any unused power goes to ComEd to supplement power needs of the community with clean energy. The turbine can provide enough clean energy to power up to 30 homes, depending on wind speed—and now can power electric vehicles, too.

“Companies that host EV charge stations provide great service to their customers, employees, and the greater good,” said Jordan Ramer, CEO, EV Connect. “Evidence suggests accessible charging infrastructure at a variety of locations helps alleviate range anxiety and increases EV adoption. As more businesses and multifamily site owners choose to become EV ready, they should be sure to have EV experts guide them through the process.”

Source: EV Connect, Inc. EV Connect drives EV adoption forward for commercial customers and EV industry partners alike. For more information visit

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