Organic Bouquet ( – largest online retailer of sustainable bouquets and gifts donates 15% of the purchase price of select florals and gifts to support charities that lead the fight against breast cancer.

Beyond Organic Bouquet’s contribution to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month related charities, Organic Bouquet supports women year long through the implementation of various programs that provide a brighter and happier future for women.

Organic Bouquet employs over 60% females on their Certified Sustainable Farms in Ecuador and Colombia, providing zero-interest loans, childcare, healthcare, education, environmental protection and more to local workers.

Additionally, the brand supports over 55 charities, including the, the Breast Cancer Fund, and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, year round through their Flower’s for Good™ program.

To see the full selection of products and the charities that Organic Bouquet supports, please visit their Breast Cancer Awareness page.

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