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Business strategy and the scientific disciplines of ecology and evolution share a similar vocabulary: competition, resources, game theory, and ecosystems. Companies and business theorists alike increasingly appreciate how natural systems provide powerful models for design, operations, and strategy. Further your understanding of what businesses can learn from the fields of ecology and evolution. Learn business strategy, design, and operations and explore the use of the concept of ‘business ecosystems’ and ‘adaptive imperative’ as part of an analysis of how ecological and evolutionary principles can help us address emerging sustainability challenges.

David Meyers received his PhD in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy from Du ke University where he studied the ecology and evolution of primates. He received his MBA from the Yale School of Management with a concentration on strategy and non profit management. David is a serial entrepreneur and consultant focusing on sustainabil ity, triple bottom line business, environmental finance, and international development. He founded and ran several companies including Madagascar Bamboo, the first industrial bamboo transformation company in Africa.

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Business Models: Strategies from Ecology and Evolution is part of the Earth Institute Certificate Program in Conservation and Environmental Sustainability.

Courses may be taken on an individual basis or you may pursue the full 12-course Certificate. Course tuition is $720 for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Upcoming Courses Include:
– Disease Ecology
– Forest Management and Conservation: Black Rock Forest
– Introduction to Environmental Policy