So I had this crazy fun interview with the owners and sisters Allison Stanich Power and Jennifer Stanich Banmiller from of A Lot To Say, Inc apparel and it was awesome.  They then recently sent me some samples to check try and see what I thought.  No harm.  No foul.

While I plan to have a podcast with them on the website shortly but until then, check this out.

I just got their shirts and also saw their ladies panties at the EcoLuxe event hosted by the Go Green Expo.  I told Ali and Jenn that when I first saw the panties at the show I said not for me but then I saw the statements on the panties and said hmmmm let me ask the ladies some questions and delve into this further to see what they are about.

Here is their Manifesto which I liked a lot (no pun so don’t even try it).

If you think something, say it.

If you believe something, say it.

If you want something, say it. 

There’s more but those three sentences sums up their brand.

Apparel with a new twist on life.  It’s called in your face apparel with only the facts; jack.

Also, their clothing is innovative and amazing when it comes to a few points.

1.  The process they use eliminates the need for water because they spray the dyes with air.  That reduces 15-25 gallons of water per shirt!!

2.  All of their apparel is made from only 100% recycled bottles.  That had me at hello with these ladies since I am a recycling freak that my wife hates but is becoming more receptive to every day.

3.  Their processes reduces water pollution by 91%, reduces energy consumption by 80%, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 79% and eliminates the need for PVC products by 100%.  (PVC is the highly carceinogenic plastic, which has the lifespan of hundreds of years in our landfills for generations to come).

  1. Their products are ALL made in the USA. I like that the most.

5.  Every shirt is free 100% free of toxins.  They dyes are air sprayed on the shirts and do not lay on the body.

What I also love is the statements made on the shirts.

My favorites are:

“FUEL, your tank with the lowest grade octane allowed and save over $3 billion per year – enough to buy more than 100,000 hybrid cars.”

Then there is also:

VIRGIN plastic is what most shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from and they add to over 25% of waste in landfills.  Not sexy.

(They gave me this one to try and see what happens with).  HOT and getting hotter.  Global warming has caused the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere to increase by 1 degree Fahrenheit in recent years.  Ouch. 

TURN ON your lights with a timer.  In one 12 day, we collectively save $187 million in energy costs.  That’s big buzz.

LOVE the one you’re with.  And that’s you.  See your own beauty.  Flirt with your amazingness.  Be the love of your life.  100% of people who practice self love are emotionally & physically better.  And that, you gotta love.

They also have a really cool book with all their lines and the history of the company. It is a catalogue of sorts but does the trick of making a statement in itself.

While this shirt does cost about $35, the last designer shirt my wife got for me was about the same price and was not as eco awesome as these shirts.  Their stuff is a lot better for you and the environment, they are an investment in you and the earth.

Anyway, the podcast is coming VERY soon so stay tuned.