High Performance Solar Oven switches to an Ultra Energy Efficient Oven when cloudy or at night.

January 17th, 2014. Waterloo, NY – As the price of gas continues to soar, solar energy becomes an attainable reality even in the kitchen. Sun BD Corporation, a company founded by a pioneer of solar cooking in the United States has launched the next generation solar oven on Kickstarter http://kck.st/1a1B9nK. Its Founder, David Chalker, has been educating people across the country including an invitation to the Pentagon, where he gave a working demonstration of the Sun Focus Solar Oven. The Next Generation Solar Oven will offer a multifunctional oven that can work with the sun as a high performance solar oven and without sun it transforms into an electric oven with a max temperature of 300F. Oven is large enough to bake bread or pizzas and roasts.

Key Features Include:

Cooking volume: 10 – 12 pounds of food per cycle
300+ F. cooking oven temperature range
Portable suitcase design: with easy carry handle only 30 lbs.
Tri-panel design with USA made high-grade aluminum reflectors.
Double pane glass: Provides long lasting heat retention.
Impact resistant: HPDE outer case.
Low wattage heating system – 465 watts at 120v. AC


Oven Outside Dimensions: L 23 in. x W 22 in. x H 13.5 in.
Aluminum alloy cooking chamber
Thermostat controlled heating
DC operation capable with inverter

The goal: “To manufacture the best “next generation” low wattage – high performance solar electric ovens that can enhance “life quality” for people everywhere that want to utilize our planet’s “free solar energy” for cooking but want the convenience and reliability of a modern electric oven as a back-up.” – David Chalker, Founder

With the funds raised on Kickstarter, Sun BD Corporation will be able to apply to receive European Union and USA electrical certification approval and finish a new production mold for the casing. Early birds will be able to receive a SunFocus Solar oven for $449.


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