Recently Ed Begley Jr partnered up with Bite Size TV to create an Earth Day internet series on going green. The first program we’ll talk about was the interview with Jenny Nigrosh of “The Green Garmento”. I laughed immediately when they told me about this interview because back in the day I did a blog talk radio interview with her. It was about the idea that The Situation had his own brand of them. I had some choice words on that one.

Here is Ed Begley’s episode.

The Green Garmento is a 4-in-1 reusable bags with a blog talk radio show recently with the President of the Green Garmento.  A lot better than the alternative; The Situation from the Jersey Shore.  Anyway, the goal was to have the drycleaning professionals embrace and implement the product with ease, while educating consumers about an alternative to single-use plastic.
We are happy to report that in just two short years, you can find THE GREEN GARMENTO™ in over 400 drycleaning chains and stand-alone stores accross the United States as well as dry cleaners and hotels in thirteen countries. THE GREEN GARMENTO™ was honored with the 2009 Design Defined award from The International Home & Housewares Association and was an Editor’s Choice Award nominee from The International Hotel & Motel & Restaurant Association.
Among others, these awards have helped the reusable bags to fast become a staple within the hospitality industry, including The Hyatt, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Intercontinental, Cavallo Point and more.
A hot new customizable corporate gift, Team GREEN GARMENTO™ has created cutom bags for Google, Mercedes, HTC, David’s Bridal and many more. THE GREEN GARMENTO™ is now offered by Fabricare Choice, on of the leading drycleaning distributors accross the country. THE GREEN GARMENTO™ is also available through two hospitality distributors, Pinapple Hospitality and Paper Enterprises and from Peerless Umbrella, a leader supplier in the advertising specialty arena. Team GREEN GARMENTO™ is always here to answer questions and we would also love your comments and feedback on our products. Hopefully together we can all…”Be fantastic and use less plastic!”
So what am I saying..What I said in the interview with the Owner of the Green Garmento bag.  Jennie is very nice to have given me a garmento to sample and I can tell you more about it. 
First, it’s durable.  Don’t kid yourself. 
It’s a great duffle bag feel to it too. 

Then you can bring a TON of dirty suits and work clothes to the dry cleaner.  WHY??  Simple. 

To eliminate the plastic to wrap the clothes!!  Dry cleaning places even save money by doing it so maybe you’ll getta discount!  OH!!

In addition you reduce a ton of plastic use from a landfill!!

Anyway, listen to this fun interview with the owner of the Green Garmento.  IF you want more info check the Green Garmento right here
More importantly, enjoy the Bite Size TV clip!!!!

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