Catskill Mountainkeeper,  RUPCO, Courtney-Strong, the City of Kingston and NYSERDA, which is funding the program through Governor Cuomo’s NY-SUN initiative.

You heard it folks. Green Living Guy consulting is working with Sustainable Hudson Valley on the call center and education program. Solarize Hudson Valley

More info on that shortly!

Our Installer partners Hudson Solar, New York State Solar Farm and Solar Generation will introduce their services, answer questions and sign up interested folks for the first site assessments right away.  English and Spanish outreach materials will be unveiled (including art projects).

Open to households and small businesses alike, Solarize works through a tiered pricing system on volume of customers signed up in the opportunity to get solar power.

Solarize is intended to reduce confusion by bringing communities together with carefully selected installation firms that make a commitment to marketing investment and a sustained presence throughout the campaign.  “Solar ambassadors,” who already have solar power, help by telling their stories and hosting home tours.  

This strategy was born as a neighborhood experiment in Portland, Oregon, then grew into a systematic outreach strategy in Massachusetts and Connecticut through partnerships between those state energy agencies and outreach nonprofits like ours. It works by reducing hassle and confusion while giving people a reason to care. Solarize transforms your legwork and research from an intimidating science project into a fun social experience.  

Solarize Hudson Valley is on the move.  

Melissa Everett, Executive Director of Sustainable Hudson Valley is the organization locally setting the standard. Here is more info but bottom line is we are doing PV training and here are dates and times.

Read the announcement below about our 5 “hub” communities that will host events and drive outreach during Wave #2 (July 1 – Nov. 15, 2015). 

Learn more in Country Wisdom News or on our new website.

If your community is pumped about solar technologies, your leadership will want to make sure key staff are well trained on permitting, zoning, fire safety and how to go about municipal procurement of solar energy systems.  Do not miss the free training sessions coming up Monday, June 29 from NY-SUN PV Trainers Network and the Mid-Hudson Climate Smart Communities Program.