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At the Boulder International Film Festival 2015 audiences voted an animal rights film and a conservation film as the best two feature films of the festival with ‘Lion Ark’ winning the People’s Choice Award for best feature film, just ahead of ‘Racing Extinction’, the new film by Louie Psihoyos, director of Oscar winner ‘The Cove’ which in turn won the festival’s Catalyst Award.

The prestigious festival was attended by over 25,000 people. Moreover and a special honor was presented to Hollywood legend Alan Arkin.

Over 50 diverse films were screened.

However, it was the two campaigning films for animals and the environment that won the hearts of the audiences.

While Lion Ark and Racing Extinction are radically different in narrative style, both have in common that they take animal, environment and conservation issues head on, showing people how they can make a difference, by protecting animals and conserving the planet for all.

lions ark





Lion Ark is a live action documentary about the rescue of 25 lions from Bolivian circuses by a team from ADI, follows their remarkable rehabilitation and journey to a sanctuary in Colorado.

Tim Phillips, Director of Lion Ark:  “Lion Ark is up close and personal, in the heart of the action; we wanted people to enjoy the story while it delivers an important message, so it is very rewarding that of the eight awards the film has won at festivals, five have been audience votes.

“Lion Ark and Racing Extinction are very different in style, but the audience response to both shows that there is real interest in films tackling animal protection, environment and conservation issues, showing people they can make a difference and doing so in a positive way.”

Lion Ark played to around 500 people at its main Saturday screening and a further 200 at a second screening added later that day, followed by lively Q&A sessions with the filmmakers. The film also screened to a lively audience at Boulder Millennial High School, followed by an extended discussion with the filmmakers.

Racing Extinction is from the Oceanic Preservation Society and takes on two threats to endangered wild species across the globe: the international wildlife trade and the hidden world of carbon emissions and acidified oceans.

Lion Ark filmmakers Tim Phillips, ADI Vice President and Jan Creamer, ADI President, left the film festival to head straight for their next rescue operation, this time in Peru and Colombia, where over 60 animals are being saved from traveling circuses and the illegal wildlife trade.

Over 30 lions from this rescue will be flown by ADI to The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) in Colorado.

I mean just like the lions featured in Lion Ark. New habitats are being built by ADI in the Amazon to home the native wild animals including several species of monkeys, kinkajous, coatis and others.

Jan Creamer, “As we go back to continue this huge rescue in Peru and Colombia, it is very heartening to know that public interest in protecting animals and the environment has been so high at Boulder International film Festival.”

People’s Choice Award at Boulder International Film Festival

Lion Ark
Racing Extinction
Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia
A Place to Stand
Meet The Patels


  1. Winner People’s Choice Award, Boulder International Film Festival
    Winner Audience Choice Best Documentary
  2. San Diego Film Festival
    Winner Best Documentary
  3. Omaha International Film Festival
    Winner Audience Choice Environmental Film
  4. Sedona International Film Festival
    Winner Audience Favorite Documentary
  5. Palm Beach International Film Festival
    Winner Best Documentary
  6. Sun & Sand:  The Mississippi Film & Music Festival
    Winner The Animal Award, Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival
    Runner-up Audience Choice Best Documentary Anchorage International Film Festival
    Nominated: Outstanding International Motion Picture, 45th NAACP Image Awards
  7. Official Selection Raindance Film Festival, London
  8. Official Selection Mill Valley Film Festival
  9. Official Selection Hawaii International Film Festival
  10. Official Selection Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
  11. Official Selection Virginia Film Festival
  12. Official Selection Starz Denver Film Festival
  13. Official Selection Irvine International Film Festival
  14. Official Selection Beloit International Film Festival
  15. Official Selection Crossroads Festival for Documentary Film and Discourse, Austria
  16. Official Selection Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival
  17. Official Selection Boulder International Film Festival


“Compelling cinema verité” – The Hollywood Reporter
“The feel-good movie of the year!” – Reel Talk
“Refreshing” The New York Times
“Unmissable! FIVE STARS” – Britflicks
“A consciousness-raising milestone of a documentary” – The Ecologist
“Up-tempo action-adventure of the most thrilling variety: real-life.” –  Stark Insider
“…thoroughly rewarding” – TV and Film Review
“One of your must-see films” – The Independent Critic
“Will restore some faith in humanity.” –
“… heartwarming, beautiful and inspirational.   It reminds you of the majestic power of documentary filmmaking…” –Shock Cinema Magazine / Mondo Film & Video Guide
“AMAZING! Viewers will be crying tears of joy throughout….” – Renee Snyder, International Animal Welfare Examiner, The Examiner


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Operation Spirit of Freedom rescue of wild animals from Peru’s circuses, with video

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