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First panels have been installed at one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays in Adelaide.

First off, Enwave Australia adding 7400 panels are being fitted to the 5-hectare roof. Located on the Tonsley Innovation District. Consequently a total installed capacity of 2.34MW.

Also there are plans by Enwave Australia to increase the solar capacity at the site. That’s therefore as much as 6MW. As a result, 20,000 solar panels over time. The solar installation works with on-site battery storage too. Then the building has smart technologies. As a result this is part of Enwave Australia Tonsley District Energy Scheme.

The panels are being installed by Tonsley-based ZEN Energy on behalf of Enwave Australia. Finally, Enwave Australia is the owner and operator of the scheme.

The District Energy Scheme will generate at least 30 per cent of Tonsley’s energy demand. Even including business and residential, from renewable sources.

Businesses at Tonsley have the choice to buy their electricity from Enwave Australia. All at competitive market rates and support the site’s shift to cleaner energy. As well they can buy any energy retailer of choice.

Consequently, Enwave Australia investing $40 million over 50 years. All for battery storage and PV solar. Also smart technologies and electrical assets.

The scheme later expands including provisions of recycled water for non-drinking purposes. In addition to increase natural gas for residences in Tonsley Village.

Enwave Australia Chief Executive Officer Cameron Evans says this is designed to help their customers. All within the district benefited. Coming from the reliable, cost effective and renewable supply of energy.

In conclusion, Tonsley is on the site of a former Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant. That’s in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. It is Australia’s first innovation hub. It is bringing together advanced manufacturing companies. That’s with university STEM programs, renewable energy leaders and more.

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