An Inside Look at Waste, Consumption, and Recycling Trends in America

As a junk hauling company, Fast Haul loads and unloads tons and tons (literally) of consumer waste every month. As a green-conscious company, they do strive to do recycling as much of the materials that we collect as possible.

Finally and as well, ecoATM recycles cellphones, tablets and devices nationwide. So we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the amount of trash produced. Also the percentage of trash recycled. Finally and the impact of recycling in America since the 1960′s.

Because the good news is that we have come a long, long way.  We now are recycling over 34% of our waste as a nation. The bad news is, we continue to produce an increasing amount of waste at an alarming rate.

As stated previously:

It’s now more important than ever to make sure you are recycling as much as possible. I mean especially in a home renovation and wherever possible. The average UK household produced more than a ton of waste every year. If you combine this with the total current amount of households in the UK, this equates to around 31 MILLION tons of waste. Let’s put another way: produced every year.

With so much waste and rubbish being produced, it can be hard for households to know exactly what to do with it all. Many people in their busy lives don’t remember to recycle their waste properly, meaning there’s lots of missed recycling opportunity and excess waste that is put into landfill or burn or even ending up in our oceans and rivers.

Fast Haul Wasted in America Infographic about consumer waste and recycling

Courtesy of: Fast Haul

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