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Based in the UK, Eco Plastic Wood is a company that manufacture outdoor furniture from plastic waste. As waste packaging and plastic bottles are so detrimental to the environment. Therefore this saves many headaches along the line. They’re designed to be top quality products and using recycled plastic is far surpassing traditional wood.

Eco plastic wood table

What is it?
Eco Plastic Wood requires no painting or annual staining. It also requires very little to no maintenance. All across its lifespan. All which can be 50 years and over. This way, you can simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a top quality product. They’re weatherproof, won’t rot and are made entirely to how their customers want them.

Eco plastic wood benches

What do they do?
They have a range of different products, from sheds to doors and litter bins. The best part is that as all the products are made to order. This means that your creativity is your only limit in getting the product you need.

The importance of plastic recycling
We all know how important recycling is. I mean especially involving plastic. Plastic is commonly thrown away in the form of water bottles, milk containers and numerous different uses like food wrappings etc!

Who’s their usual customer?
Often, Eco Plastic Wood is used by businesses seeking a cost-effective, long term investment. All for their location. They also serve regular customers and regularly serve very specific requests. The reason why so many people opt for Eco Plastic Wood. It is because it doesn’t need looking after.  Because it’ll last as long as you need it too. Finally and look fresh while doing so.

Where can I find them?
In conclusion, Eco Plastic Wood is based in Leicester in the United Kingdom. Currently they only serve the UK but we’re hoping they expand over to the USA. Finally, as they definitely suit the growing needs consider them for your buildings or parks and the environment. Especially when investing in products.

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