Community level adoption of emerging electric drive technology is critical. Critical to spurring growth and adoption at the national level says the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA). A more electrified transportation fleet can be a vital solution. All to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. As well as creating a cleaner, healthier environment and boosting the U.S. economy.

So a number of U.S. communities are already demonstrating their commitment to that solution. Therefore by becoming EV-friendly.

For they are including: Austin, Los Angeles, Normal, Ill., and Mercer Island, Wash.

So some key examples of these local electric drive programs and policies include:

EDTA offers some tips for how other communities can become more EV-friendly.

Now fast forward to 2020. The electric drive market in the U.S. achieved an important milestone in October 2018. Thereby reaching two million sales of plug-in vehicles.

In less than a decade, an entirely new value chain has been established in this country and the benefits reach across multiple segments of the economy. The work is not done but this achievement marks a crucial step toward advanced mobility that enhances both our energy and economic security.

In conclusion, EDTA applauds the innovation and success of their members. As well as the diverse electric drive industry. All including the vehicle and component manufacturers, utilities, end-users and stakeholders.  Ones that have made electric drive an integral part of our transportation system.

EDTA will works with Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific.

Source: The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)

November 16, 2018 and February 24, 2012;  Washington, DC

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