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Nowadays, with the amount of plastic in our oceans, we question the health of our planet. For it is becoming increasingly concerning. Environmental issues such as water contamination affect us daily. Let’s not forget pollution, and climate change. Because all are well known. Moreover this awareness is causing us to be more cautious. Especially to prevent any further damage to the Earth. You may not think  that you, as an individual, can do too much for the health of the planet. Yet your small actions will actually make a big difference.

Looking after our planet, the environment and the life that lives within it, does not have to be complex. There are small things all of us can do on a daily basis to avoid furthering ecological problems. If you want to make a difference, in this article we will discuss a few ways you can make our planet cleaner and safer.

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Reuse Items, Particularly Plastic

Some of us may not even be aware of the amount of plastic we constantly use. From cutlery to food packaging, to shopping bags – this is all plastic that we may only use once and put it in the bin, not considering the serious impacts this will have on the environment. A few things you can do to reduce the amount of plastic is to always re-use your shopping bags. If everyone can accomplish this, the amount of plastic waste would significantly decrease. Another good tip to reduce plastic waste is to invest in your own reusable water bottle. This way you can always fill it up, instead of buying new plastic bottles every day.

Use Alternatives To Plastic

Due to the impacts of plastic waste on the environment, ecologists have begun to look into different alternatives to plastic that are less damaging to the environment. One of these alternatives is Hemp, a relative of Cannabis, which can potentially be used for clothing and even paper, and due to the makeup of its fibers, it also has real potential to be an alternative to plastic. Hemp is a versatile plant that can make textiles, papers, foods, and bioplastics. So therefore using hemp as an alternative can greatly diminish carbon footprint. Hemp is renewable and biodegradable. Also it has products made with this alternative that would not be more expensive with another product. Like the prices we currently pay for plastic products.  

Avoid Beauty Products That Are Detrimental To The Environment

This is something not everyone is aware of, but thinking carefully when purchasing your favorite beauty products can have a massive difference in the environment. For example, some facial scrubs and beauty products contain plastic microbeads, which not only is not great for your face, but it will not as well help the environment. Moreover, using products such as makeup wipes on a daily basis increases the damage to the environment as these will take a long time to decompose. There are other products you can use like natural scrubs made with sugar or oil balms and a washable cloth to remove any makeup.

Shop in Bulk Where Possible

If you can do so, consider buying products in bulk. Because these will most likely be in larger packages instead of multiple small ones. Thereby reducing the amount of plastic wasted. Furthermore, you can also consider buying package-free foods. As well as household goods can be used to further reduce plastic.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Recycle more because the amount of plastic in our oceans Is too much

This cannot be said enough – you should ensure that your waste is disposed of where it should. Recycling recyclable materials in your area is essential. For it’ll reduce the likelihood of your rubbish ending up in the environment. Recycling reduces the process of extracting (mining, quarrying, and logging). That’s in addition to refining, and processing raw materials. All which generate significant air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy, it also decreases greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the prevention of climate change.


The majority of us will dispose of plant matter to landfills along with all other kinds of garbage, not considering the effects this has on the environment. An alternative to this is composting at home, which decreases the amount of garbage sent to landfills and diminishes the chance of some products becoming marine debris.

Plant matter does not deteriorate neatly when placed in landfills – The remains of other rubbish burying the plant matter form an anaerobic environment causing the plant matter to produce methane gas as it decays. This greenhouse gas is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide and can have harmful effects on individuals and the environment.

We should all be attempting to modify our daily actions to protect the environment. There are small steps you can take to make a big difference, as we discussed above. It’s just a matter of whether you’d like to take part or not.

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