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Right before end of a great year I was able to end out with a fun test drive and surprise results from a 2020 Toyota Prius Prime Limited. Moreover, I loved seeing this on the Toyota website for the Prime:

As we all know hybrids are here. Yes. No question but we need more. I test drive and drove when I worked for the State of NY the Toyota Prius back when. Yes all two decades ago. That’s with the introduction of the first Toyota Prius in the U.S.


Yet now we have the Prius (unplugged) remains with EPA-estimated 58 city / 53 highway / 56 combined. I mean miles per gallon (MPG) fuel economy ratings (Prius Two Eco).


Yet this tougher looking AWD-e system adds even more options for the iconic Prius model. To start let’s also get into the Prime. It’s bottom line a range of about 25 miles all electric. With regenerative braking 27-29 depending upon driving. Yet I got 82.2 MPG on average folks. No kidding and for a full week on test drive mode.

Toyota Prius Prime Limited

Here’s my post on Instagram 

For 2020, the Toyota Prius Prime limited offers a new:


1. Toyota Audio 7-in. Touch-Screen Display on L Eco, LE and XLE, new Apple CarPlay®


2. Amazon Alexa Compatibility standard on all model grades and newly standard Safety Connect on all grades.


3. A new 5th seat for even more room


4. Standard Apple CarPlay®


5. SiriusXM® and Amazon Alexa compatibility


6. Also two additional 2.1A USB ports for the rear passengers and so much more.


Now if you want one let me know because I’m working with Rivera Toyota to sell these. So hit me up!

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