It wasn’t long ago that you had to buy or commission paper invites for major occasions like weddings, graduations and anniversaries. On the spot right now, there’s another alternative: digital solicitations.

An online greeting can be a very effective way to inform people about your event. They’re frequently well-planned, with many practical benefits, and they’re also environmentally friendly.

Here’s our quick guide to online solicitations, including why they’re so great and how to find the best one for your event.

There are numerous compelling reasons to choose online solicitations over their more traditional paper counterparts. Here are a few of the practical advantages of choosing computerized plans, ranging from time savings to environmental benefits.

Easy to Personalize

One of the most appealing features of online invitations is how customizable they are. By modifying the color scheme and content, as well as adding your own photos to the invitation creator, you can instantly change it into your own design.

While it is possible to personalize printed invites, this comes at a significant time or money penalty. You can avoid handwriting invitations or paying for unique designs by using an online invitation. Instead, personalize a design you love in moments.

Kuhu.doodles is an e-invite designer who creates amazing e-invitation designs. She creates stunning personalized E-Invitations for weddings.. She is, however, most known for her animated couple photo invitations. You can have unique Save the Dates or spectacular WhatsApp invites made to your specifications.

Send from Your Home

Forget about searching stores for the right card or invitation set, then returning a few days later to send them. You can browse, design, customize, and send online invites from the comfort of your own home. This will save you a few visits to the mailbox or the store, allowing you to spend as much time as you like finding the right invite for your summer bachelor party, or other event.

Many Choices

If you’d like to commemorate a special occasion, chances are we have an invite design that would fit the bill. There are invitation designs for everything from social distancing parties to pet parties, as well as bridal showers, baby showers, and engagement parties.

You’ll find a wide variety of designs in each Digital  invitation category, ranging from bright and modern to classic and timeless styles. Online invites provide you the freedom and flexibility to pick a design that suits your needs without having to visit various stationery stores or place a bespoke order for handmade artwork.

Manage Your Guest List Easily

Keeping track of all your records is one of the most difficult aspects of party planning. You should keep track of who has responded and who hasn’t, and contact or phone them to check whether they’re coming. All of this can be managed from an online invitation.

Environment Friendly

Digital invites are not only more convenient for senders and recipients, but they are also better for the environment. Going paperless is an excellent method to reduce your event’s environmental impact. When you consider how many events our families organise each year, sending out many invitations for each celebration may quickly add up.

Saves Time

Whether you’re planning a big celebration for a special occasion or a more relaxed get-together, time is often your most valuable asset. Cut down on time spent on a whole host of invitation-related problems by sending evites instead.

Consider all of the processes needed in sending out actual invitations. You must first locate and purchase them, then handwrite all of your information and deliver them to a mailbox or the post office to be sent on their way.

Take back some of that time and simplify the process with digital invitations that you can quickly and easily personalize, send, and track.

Details that Matter

Some events merely require a date, time, and place, while others like weddingnecessitate a little more information. With an online invitation, you can avoid sending a long email to attendees — or include a note with your invitation — for events like these.

Design Benefits of E-Invitations

Online invitations have come a long way from where they started. There’s now a whole world of choices out there, and attractive design options for every taste. Here are some of our favorite design benefits that come with using online invitations instead of their paper counterparts.

Surprise and Delight

There’s something lovely about opening an invitation that you’re excited to receive. That’s why at Kuhu.doodles she recreated some of that magic in her illustration. 

Send Thank You Notes

One of the appealing aspects of having your own custom-designed stationery is the ability to create matching invitation suites. This is especially true for weddings, where couples frequently want to save the dates, wedding invitations, and thank you cards to coordinate.

You don’t need to employ a bespoke designer to achieve this synchronized look with digital invites. Many of our sets include matching thank you cards. This means you can choose a theme you like and apply it to all of your event stationery for a premium look at a much lower cost.

Find and Send the Perfect Online Invitation

For your next party or celebration, there are a number of compelling reasons to use online invitations. Perhaps you’ll be hosting people from all over the world, or you’d like to make a more eco-friendly decision. Whatever the case may be, digital invites provide a plethora of alternatives, themes, and time-saving benefits.

Author bio: Emma Wilson is a content specialist with a focus on health and wellness. 

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