If you’re keen to have a green home with your next green home improvement project, let’s go. For there are plenty of ways. Especially that you can take the environment into consideration. From planning to also building materials. Especially to green tech. For there are so many ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint while redoing to go green homes. 

green home improvement project  Insulation in the Attic is great start for
Insulation in the Attic





Green Home Improvement Projects Must Include Insulation 

Good quality insulation is also a fantastic way to start any green home improvement project. For it will cut both your energy bill costs and carbon emissions. Poorly insulated homes allow heat to escape. That’s most commonly from the roof of your house. Thereby meaning it takes more energy and costs more money to heat thoroughly. When building a new extension, you could ensure that you insulate it with the very best. So sustainable insulation is the ultimate green home improvement project.  You could even do the rest of the house at the same time!

Invest In Eco Technology

A new extension could be the perfect time to set up some green tech around the home for a green home improvement project. Things like rainwater harvesting roofing. Also solar panels and composting toilets. They can do so much to offset your carbon footprint. Have a look at this great guide to green technology for your home for more information. 

Do a comprehensive tree study for green home improvement project

Have A Comprehensive Tree Survey for your green home project

Tree surveys are essential for planning permission to be granted. These surveys check to see how your plans will impact nearby trees. I mean and other greenery. If you’d like to know more about tree surveys and their useful role in building works do it. Also, check out ‘why do I need a tree survey?’ from Treesurvey.co.uk. For Tree Survey provide the very best in ecological surveys to ensure that you complete your building work with minimal impact on the environment. 

Many people think that you need to spend a lot of money to be eco-conscious while carrying out green renovations. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. You can get an excellent cost-effective tree survey by ensuring that you shop around for the best priced tree survey service. 

Eco friendly materials are needed for a green home
Eco Friendly On Smartphone Shows Recycling And Environmental Care

Use Eco-Friendly Materials for your green home improvement project 

You could use reclaimed materials for your building work. This is a great way to offset your building’s emissions and make your extension a sustainable one. There are so many eco-friendly building materials that you could choose from out there, including bamboo, recycled steel and cleaned glass and bricks

There are many guides online to show you where you can find sustainable materials and even materials you could repurpose from other parts of your home. 

Consider A Eco Roof

A green roof is a roof covered in a thin layer of soil seeded with grass and other greenery. One that sits on a waterproof liner on top of your roofing. This is an excellent way to add some colour and character to your home.

A green home improvement must inevitably include a green roof. For it has many different eco-friendly benefits. It absorbs rainwater which helps to prevent water wastage, it helps to combat air pollution and can add an extra layer of insulation to your home. It also provides a habitat for many insects and small animals. You could consider planting some easy to grow, hardy flowers like lavender on your green roof for a beautiful splash of colour.

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