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So let’s talk solar energy investment. It’s by Vikram Solar Ltd. in the USA. For Vikram is an Indian solar panel manufacturer. Now it has announced a new venture called VSK Energy LLC. One which most noteworthy plans to invest up to $1.5 billion. That’s most noteworthy and only in the U.S. solar energy supply chain.

The aim of this investment is to also leverage India’s extensive solar manufacturing know-how. Moreover and contribute to the development of a clean energy manufacturing sector. Located directly in the United States. Most importantly is the goal of competing with ChinaSolar Tariff Investigation: Five Chinese Manufacturers Skirting USA. Now this is the first step in this venture. For it will include the establishment of a factory in Colorado next year.

Solar energy investment Vikram: The Creation of VSK Energy LLC

For this solar energy investment from VSK Energy LLC is a joint venture. It’s between Vikram Solar Ltd and two New York-based partners. For they are Phalanx Impact Partners and Das & Company. Phalanx Impact Partners is a sustainability-focused private equity firm. All the while Das & Co is an investment and also a development company. Most importantly with solar holdings. Those holding are located in both the United States and India.

Together, these partners aim to bring their expertise and especially their resources together   Especially to support the growth of the U.S. solar energy industry.

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The Colorado Factory Solar energy investment Vikram

The first phase of VSK Energy’s investment will be the establishment of a factory in Brighton, Colorado. This facility most recently came in. I mean with an investment of $250 million. For it is expected to create more than 900 jobs. It will initially have the capacity to produce 2 gigawatts (GW) of solar modules per year. That’s also with plans to double that amount in the future. The location of the factory in Colorado was specifically chosen.  Especially due to its educated workforce and also its’ strategic proximity to major U.S. solar markets.

To support VSK Energy’s investment, the state of Colorado is also offering up to $9.1 million in tax credits. All tied to job creation for this solar energy investment by Vikram.

Vikram Expansion Plans for solar energy investment 

VSK Energy’s investment does not stop with the Colorado factory. The company has plans to establish a second facility. Most surprisingly in an undisclosed southern state in 2025. This facility will focus on the production of cells, wafers, and ingots, which are the building blocks for solar panels. The investment in this second factory is expected to reach $1.25 billion and create over 1,500 jobs.

Policy Initiatives and Incentives

The decision to invest in the U.S. solar energy supply chain is largely driven by the positive policy initiatives and incentives put forth by the U.S. government and the Biden administration. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a landmark climate change law, offers incentives for clean energy manufacturing. Solar projects built with domestically made cells may receive a bonus tax credit worth 10% of the project’s cost. This incentive aims to reduce reliance on imported solar components, most of which are currently sourced from Asia.

Both the United States and India have implemented measures to promote domestic solar production and reduce reliance on Chinese imports. India, too, aims to be self-sufficient in solar manufacturing by 2026. By investing in the U.S., Vikram Solar and its partners are aligning themselves with the goals of both countries. Most noteworthy to promote renewable energy and also create jobs.


In conclusion, Vikram Solar’s investment of $1.5 billion in the U.S. solar energy supply chain is the tip of the iceberg.

For through this establishment of VSK Energy LLC, the US can expect big things. For it demonstrates the company’s commitment. That’s more noteworthy leveraging India’s solar manufacturing expertise. Thereby contributing to the growth of the clean energy manufacturing sector. Most importantly and in the United States. I mean now is the announcement of their first factory. As stated before it is set to be established in Colorado.

Now this investment will also create jobs. More importantly and strengthen the U.S. solar industry’s competitiveness. Especially against China. So I expect further States announced in the future. The positive policy initiatives and also the incentives provided by the U.S. government. For they clearly have played a significant role. Especially in attracting this large investment. So please note that especially as the transition towards clean energy continues look out. For these partnerships and investments like these are essential. For it will only contribute to a greener and also a more sustainable future.

Source: Bloomberg, June 22, 2023

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